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10-year-old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys at Home

Oh my!

The year is racing away ALREADY!

And your kid's birthday is getting closer.

When my son turned 10 I just couldn't believe that he was about to reach "double-digits".

It seemed like I just blinked and my little bundle of joy went from nappies to the first day of school and then turning the big ONE-ZERO.

10 year old birthday party ideas for boys at home

And searching and surfing around the internet for ideas for a boy's 10 years old's birthday party I found lots of images and blogs showing neatly lined up colourful cupcakes, with beautiful bunting, and perfectly arranged matching decorations. 

I don't know about you, but my son is a ball of energy. 

He and his buddies are a raucous riot. 

And my parties never look so pristine. I wanted to throw a party that my son would never forget. Something special for his tenth birthday. What, can you do (at home) that will entertain a mob of boys for a few hours? 

Something that could surprise and delight the kids. 

Entertain them, and keep them busy. And something that was a do-it-yourself package that could be run at home, in the backyard or even in a local park. 

Better still, something that was budget-friendly

What to do for your boy's or girl's 10th birthday party? 

Not sure what works well? 

Ok so if you thought that I might be a teeny-weeny a bit biased. 


You are right. 

I reckon the best boy's 10-year-old birthday party idea is: Home Laser Tag Parties.

That's right. 

You can rent Laser Tag "fun in a box". It's party games in a box, direct to your door.

Our most popular pack is the "Awesome Party" set of 12 taggers. 

Yes! Yep, you sure can play Laser Tag at your place. You can play in your backyard, and you can play indoors or outdoors. You can play in daylight. The reason? Our patented technology means that our sensors works by screening out the ambiant infrared in sunlight. Our sensors only register a "hit" from the infrared in our laser taggers. Brilliant! (Oh, and you can also play our brand of laser tag at night-time too!) 

Best Idea For 10-year-old's Birthday Party?

Yep, It Is Laser Tag!

With assistance for every step of the planning process, Laser Tag in a Box is the perfect way to set the stage for a unique and memorable birthday party.

We will deliver everything you need to run an awesome 10-year old's birthday party.

Or save money on the courier and collect the gear from our shop.

Had an Absolute Ball

Hi, Just a quick thank you note to say how great the weekend was. The boys had an absolute ball, very tired and a couple of minor scapes (boys will be boys and men will be boys too!) but all together they thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Once again thank you, I'm sure it won't be the last time we hire Laser tag!

With Laser Tag-in-a-Box the party doesn't last just an hour and a half, your boys will be entertained all weekend!

If you rent for Saturday, you can have Sunday for free.

And you don't have to battle your way through traffic and struggle to find a car park.

A Fantastic Tenth Birthday Party Ideas

Laser Tag at Home is also a great idea for an 11-year-old or 12-year-old birthday party too! We have lots of boys and girls who after they've had a fantastic 10th Birthday Party, want to book in again for next year! 

Sir! Yes, Sir!

The boys had a ball, great idea for a party; we are seriously cool amongst his pals at school now for having such a good party so thanks for that! [It was] great not to have to go to one of those awful laser gun places here in Sydney they are all so dark and many dirty too. We used a guy to actually "run" the party for us as well, he dressed up as their commander and made them shout YES SIR back to him, etc, this worked really well. If you want his details for other clients you have in Sydney he is Andrew Clark - it was just terrific - he took total control of all the boys and they loved him! Thanks, guys for everything we had a ball with the guns on Sunday too as a family!
Nicky, Bayview, Sydney NSW

Simply just us a call to book - PH: 1800 266 587.

Top Notch Fun for All

I was dreading the birthday party for our 9-year-old. What to do with a group of boys for three hours? Laser Tag-in-a-Box was easy, quick to set up, and top-notch fun for all. The kids dressed up in camo gear and just ran and ran. They all loved it and now our 10 years old can't wait to have a birthday party so that we can do it all again.
Alison, Bourke NSW

10-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

If your son is anything like mine, the tenth birthday is a big one.

Getting to double digits is an important milestone for a boy or for a girl too for that matter!

So coming up with birthday party ideas for a 10th birthday party can be a challenge.

At 10 my son was mad keen on playing armies and playing video games. He had lots of energy and was excited about his upcoming tenth birthday. 

So throwing a laser tag was a great idea.

Give us a call to see what we can do for you. 


customer review

The Party Rocks

My 10yr old son was the V.I.P. He and his friends had the best time ever. He was told that his Party Rocks.
Sue, Park Ridge Qld

Party Games: Dads vs the Kids

Renting a laser tag set to play games at home is a great idea for some fun birthday party games. Especially for a 10-year-old he or she often wants to invite the entire class, plus their friends from club sport, and possibly even the cousins and the neighbour's kids up the road. You get the idea!

By renting a laser tag set you can actually play in a round-robin format. For example, the laser tag box comes pre-set with two teams: red vs blue. You can have two teams on and two teams off and rotate. So everyone gets a go.

dads vs the kids game at a 10th birthday

Dress the Table: Camo & Green

Some boys simply go army mad. They love the idea of being a hero, a G.I. Joe. Stephanie from Stephanie J Designs created a cracker of a party for her son. As well as all the party decorations with army men, camo, and green she also had laser tag games.

At Laser Tag in a Box, you can buy camo plate sets and

dog tags or rent some camo bunting help you decorate your army headquarters aka your place!

tenth birthday party ideas for boys





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