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16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th Birthday Party Ideas - Laser Tag

Tired of going to the movies for every birthday? Want to do something cool for your sixteenth? Look no further than a laser tag party. 

We have hired laser tag to plenty of sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays.

If you are thinking about 16th birthday party ideas for a small party, this is it!

For example, you can rent a laser tag set for 12 players for the weekend.

16 Year Old Girls Entertained!

Kept 16 yr old girls and boys very entertained at a 16th bday party.

Sally, Mackay

16th partyOne fantastic 16th party was for Brynn's Epic Sweet Sixteen. 

"I have friends who don't really know each other very well (from school, and sport and elsewhere) and I wanted to have a party where we could all have fun," said Brynn, "A few of my friends are boys and I didn't want them to be left out, so I thought, what about a laser tag party?"

Brynn & her Mum, Nicole, hired the 10 pack of the Cobras + Scopes which are lighter than the Scorpion model but include the red-dot scope.  

What made Laser Tag a Hit?

"We went down to the local reserve and cosplayed in camo gear. My friends and I played game after game.We had a blast!," Brynn said. 

"The equipment was easy to use and the service was excellent," Nicole said.

"Everyone had fun, even I joined in for a game. I might have finished up a sixteenth but my son's already talking about having laser tag for his birthday too!"

Best 18th Birthday

YES! it made the best 18th birthday party... me and my friends will be remembering this party for a very long time! Thankyou so much it was the best fun EVER!!
Molly Warragul, Victoria

Grins From Ear To Ear

Dear Nicole
Thank you so much!! We had an awesome weekend. This is the second party we have had. Knowing what was coming we were able to prepare barricades, forts etc. in our backyard. We have played every night. Sometimes just two of us, sometimes 10.
From as young as 4 to as old as 61 and not one person walked off our playing field upset. All had grins from ear to ear!! Thank you so much. We look forward to booking again in March although we are all absolutely trashed. An incredible weekend. Thank you.

Natasha - Angle Vale SA





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