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Good News: You're in the right place.

You want a new activity for the young and young-at-heart. You want something fun. 

Something that will engage players who love video games. 

 But maybe you feel you are swimming against the tide with kids and teens not keen to escape their screens.

Well, we box up the excitement of laser tag games and deliver them to you. 

So you’re in just the right spot! 

We are your friendly-neighbourhood laser tag hire team extraordinaire, at your service.

Unplugged Playtime

In a world inundated with emails, socials, video games, streaming & more, we exist to create thrilling moments, IRL. Moments that stick in your memory! We're into connecting friends, family and your cohort. We make birthdays, holiday programs, and school events thrilling with fun laser tag games you can play at your place.


Hi, I'm Nicole

Pleased to meet you!

Hi, I'm Nicole Lander your Chief Fun Officer. My team and I are here to box up excitement and deliver it to you.

I'm a storyteller, entrepreneur, and Mum of two kids.

I started my business with a few thousand dollars and the idea to take a video game and experience it LIVE.

We're a family business.

My husband Peter and kids Zaz & Ben also work in the biz.

 We started in tropical Cairns, about the time my son was born.

We had 2 kids 2 years apart and decided to start hosting outdoor laser tag events. Back then we just charged some money to cover the cost of batteries (the laser tag equipment back then didn't use rechargeable batteries).

A couple of years later we moved back to Brisbane. We kicked off running events on the Gold Coast hinterland. Then in March of that year, we started running events in Brisbane.

And now we deliver across Australia!

nicole lander chief fun officer


What makes Laser Tag in a Box different?  

We took the fun outside. 

We were the first in the world to commercialise outdoor laser tag. 

Yep. So now you can play indoors or outdoors, day or night. Before, you could only play pew-pew laser tag in a dark, foggy maze. Now we create amazing experiences with missions like video games IRL. In other words, Laser Tag in a Box is about creating special memories via thrilling and fun laser tag games. 

Memories you create with your friends, family, or group (like your corporate team or school cohort). More than that, we make and rent the laser tag equipment so you experience mind-blowing games. Your adventure to remember! It's one of those handful of experiences you'll cherish. Because we believe kiddos who have happy childhood memories grow up to be happier adults.

Events, Small & Big

         Feedback from lots of Mums and Dads told us that families wanted a private event in their backyard.

We found that while there was demand people didn't want to blow their party budget.

Fast forward a few years, and we invented a do-it-yourself rental package.

So now, the party comes to you!

Today as well as booking more than 27,000+ parties I am also keen to help other small business owners flourish.

I'm an avid writer, as well as the Laser Tag Blog, I've also been a guest blogger on, the CCIQ, and That Tech Girl blog, to name a few!

The reason why I love my business is that I get to help you create happy memories.

We help create one of the best times of a person's life, one of that handful of experiences that they will NEVER forget.

My business has a motto: Every Game, Every Gamer. 

Call us to find out what we can do for you, PH: 1800 Book Us (1800 2665 87)

Laser Tag in a Box team


You're the Best!

The children had an absolute ball. We will definitely be using your company again. Good quality equipment is easy to use and great prices. We have used a few laser tag companies in the past. Yours is the best! Thanks for everything.
Debbie, Coordinator Catholic Early EdCare Algester



So, where to next? 

Not sure which laser tag box is right for you? Take the Fun Quiz! 

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