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Ideal for Birthday Parties for Kids Turning 8, 9 and 10!

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ABOUT: the Awesome Taggers      

Range: up to 80m in daylight 

Weight: 2.2 kg

 Battery Life: up to 16 hours of Game Time 

 Aiming: Easy to use Red Dot Scope


What's Included?

✔️ No. of Taggers of your choice (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.)

✔️ Red & Blue Headwraps (use when a player doesn't have a hat of their own)

✔️ 1 Master Controller (used by the organiser, details below!)

✔️ 2 Medic Boxes (more below)

✔️ Keys (these switch the taggers on!)

✔️ Battery Charger (just in case)

✔️ 3 Game Modes to Play (*Quote CTF for the 3rd Game)

Extras (What's Not Included)         

Depending on your event, you might need to add some extras to your hire!

Game Box 

This box encourages players to move towards the action.

That means more tagging and more fun!


Laser Tag is like hide-and-seek. If you're playing on a sports field or in a school hall, you'll need to fill the space with things to hide behind. You can get creative with what you have at hand or hire from us or both!


Medic Boxes

You'll get two of these! 

There's one for each team (Red vs Blue)

What are they for? 

Every player starts with 5 Health Points. When they get tagged they lose 1 Health Point. When they have no Health Points left, their tagger goes into a Deactivated state.

Players return to their team's Medic Box. Once they are about an arm's reach away from the box, their tagger will say "Reactivated!". That means they are back to 5 Health Points and can keep playing.

The Medic Boxes record each reactivation they make. That's the team's score. The lower that number is - the better!


Every pack comes with a controller. You can choose not to use it (the games run fine without it).

The Master Controller makes it easier to organise the games. 

What is it for?

The Controller has a few options on its menu. 

You can "Select Game" which means the controller will work out which team won the game when the game ends. That's handy!

You can "Set Timer" which means the controller will automatically end the game at the end of the timer. This helps keep everything on schedule.

and more!


NOTE: If you choose not to use the controller, be sure to keep it switched OFF and away - so the players don't try to play with it. The controller CANNOT be used as a tagger.

Now you know what's in your pack, it's time to work out how many taggers you'll need.

How Many People Will Be Playing?

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