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Ideal for Birthday Parties for Tweens, Teens & Adults

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ABOUT: The Royale Taggers      

These taggers are different from our other taggers. They're made of metal and their internal SFX are more intense. 

For example, instead of hearing "Tagged" when you tag another player, the Royale taggers say either "Hit" or "Wound". 

Instead of "Deactivated", it says "Kill". 

Range: up to 80m in daylight 

Weight: 2.2 kg

 Battery Life: up to 16 hours of Game Time 

 Aiming: Easy to use Red Dot Scope


What's Included?

✔️ No. of Taggers of your choice (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.)

✔️ Red & Blue Headwraps (one per player)

✔️ 1 Master Controller (used by the organiser, details below!)

✔️ 2 Ultility Boxes (more info below)

✔️ Keys (these switch the taggers on!)

✔️ Battery Charger (just in case)

✔️ 3 or 5 Game Modes to Play


Laser Tag is like hide-and-seek. If you're playing a sports field or in a school hall, you'll need to fill the space with things to hide behind. You can get creative with what you have at hand or hire from us or both!

If you're playing in your backyard, you might have some open areas that need to be filled in with hide-spaces.

Getting a set of inflatabls with your hire is the way to go!


Ultility Boxes

When you turn one of these boxes on, you'll be able to select from a series of menu options. 

In your pack you'll get a guide which lets you know which option to pick for which Game Mode. For example: the Flag Box option for Capture the Flag.

These boxes facilitate each Game Mode. Depending on the game, they will also keep score. For example, how many Flags have been captured by the team in Capture the Flag.

What sort of Game Modes are there?

Battlefield LIVE offers five different game modes: Team Death Match (TDM), Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, Heist and Domination.

When you get the standard pack, you'll be able to play the first three: TDM, Battle Royale and Capture the Flag. These games only require two boxes.

 Adding another ultility box allows you to play the Game Modes that require three boxes. 

These are Heist and Domination.


Want to take your birthday to the next level? 

Supply Crates & Loot Boxes have been in computer games for over a decade. Now they’ve come to Live Action Gaming.  

Each Supply Crate holds three types of items at once: a weapon, a type of ammunition, and an aid. Every 15 seconds the box randomises the items automatically from its list.  

Gamers have 8 slots: 4 for weapons; and 4 for aids. So a gamer can carry up to four virtual weapons. 

How Does It Work? 

Place the Supply Crate add any extra dynamic to any Mission. Place the crate equal distance from each team so that everyone has equal chance to collect supplies. If a player stays near the crate for 15 seconds, they will collect a supply. The in-game upgrade is loaded into the computer of their tagger. 

Our system automatic manages your weapons & applies healing when you need it. All you need to do is hide & shoot!


  To have a SUPPLY CRATE in every mission, you'll need to hire the Legendary royale taggers. 

These comes with four ultility boxes total.


Every pack comes with a controller. You can choose not to use it (the games run fine without it).

The Controller makes it easier to organise the games. 

What is it for?

The Controller has a few options on its menu. 

You can "Select Game" which means the controller will work out which team won the game when the game ends. That's handy!

You can "Set Timer" which means the controller will automatically end the game at the end of the timer. This helps keep everything on schedule.

and more!


NOTE: If you choose not to use the controller, be sure to keep it switched OFF and away - so the players don't try to play with it. The controller CANNOT be used as a tagger.

Now you know what's in your pack, it's time to work out how many taggers you'll need.

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