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Laser Tag Equipment Rental By Age

Planning your child's birthday party? Or a school event? 

 Or maybe you have a sports team break up, youth night, or church event. We have several different models to suit different age groups.

Each model comes in different sizes, so you can hire 8, 12, 16 etc for each of the models. (Call us to ask about bigger rentals!)

We recommend school-age and up. Yes, preppies can play! So that's around 5 years old and up. So kiddos love to play laser tag. That being said, is it also great for tweens, teens and adults. It's all about the live-action gaming scenarios you choose to play. 
Lots and lots of kids love to play laser tag. But, if you get the live-action game right, laser tag teens and adults also enjoy the thrill of playing. 

The Children had a Great time

Our Carnival has now come and gone, leaving in its wake a large number of very happy young people from around Australia and New Zealand, and a small number of satisfied but tired organisers. Thank you so much for all your assistance. The children who engaged in Laser Tag had a great time. Your arrangements helped ensure that everything went smoothly. Wishing you continuing success. With kind regards
Tony, Co-Director Sports, Maccabi Junior Carnival

We have been running laser tag games for over 20 years. In that time we've played a lot of games. We have created and play-tested games that perfect for every age. 

We include everything you need for an amazing event! The taggers are made in our workshop right here in Australia. We build them with one goal: MAXIMUM FUN!


Create an Epic Maze

Think of Laser Tag as High-Tech Hide-and-Seek. The more places there are for the players to hide - the more fun they'll have!


More Than 27,000 Events Delivered Australia Wide

We know what works and what kids love! Check out #LaserTaginaBox to see all the fun we've had.




What I liked best?

The children at our centre always enjoy Laser Tag. We always have extra enrolments on the day that we have Laser Tag. [What I liked best?] Ease of ordering, pick-up and delivery, and of course the immense enjoyment our children receive from Laser Tag
Alana, Amberley OSCH (Ipswich QLD)


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