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Are you dreading your kiddo's party?

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  • [P3] Ideas For Your Theme. Fortnite for Real? Star Wars? Super-Heroes & Villans? We'll help you choose! 
  • [P6] Inspo On Your Guest List.  Handy tips on getting your Guest List right. 
  • [P10] Photo Hacks. Sweet cheats to get the best photos of your party! 
  • And more tips & ideas.

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Did you know that the most powerful ingredient for an unforgettable party has little to do with cooking or balloons? 

I know it sounds crazy because we are so used to hearing about the party decor & party food. And while these are important, I'm going to share the secret that you'll want to uncover when planning your party.

Hello, my name is Nicole Lander. 

I help Mums & Dads, Teachers & Educators, just like you. I have helped more than 27,000 people create parties & events they'll never forget. I am here to help you avoid boring parties. So, what is this secret ingredient? 

It's the games your guests play! When people have fun, laugh, and play together they create happy memories. It is the interactions they have with each other that create special memories that last a lifetime.

We offer you party games in a box, direct to your door. 

Our laser tag games are kind of like high-tech hide & seek. 

And, yep, this is for the young and the young-at-heart!!

I'd love for you to give it a try.

XX Nicole 



Paul Murray (QLD) 

"Favourite Activity"

"We have used Laser Tag In A Box for the past 6 years as part of our S.U. King of the Mountain camp.  Every year the feedback from the campers rate it as one of their favourite activities on camp (and we do a stack!!!).  The communication and service from the team are second to none.  We look forward to a long, ongoing partnership with Laser Tag in a Box!"


Louise Bray (WA)

"Best Party Ever"

"BRILLIANT! The team at Laser Tag in a Box were exceptional! I was a little worried as the equipment had to travel to Perth, but the Laser Tag in a Box team arranged for it to be delivered days early so there were no problems they arranged the return so it was an absolute breeze. Equipment was in great working order, packed securely & absolutely everything had been thought of. There were instructions that came when we booked so that we could figure it out before the day, and the team called me to ensure everything had arrived, made suggestions & made sure that we knew that we could call them at any time (even on the weekend party day!) to answer any questions. The boys had an AMAZING time. "Best party ever". I would not hesitate to recommend Laser Tag in a Box to anyone. Thank you so much!"

Impressed Other Parents

Seamus just turned 10. The boys had an absolute ball. They all thought it was the best party they had ever been to. Even the other parents were impressed! The level of customer service was outstanding, right from the very first phone call. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained to me very clearly. The staff willingly changed my pick up when I was delayed and then the demonstration was done enthusiastically and patiently. They even put the boxes in the car! Best customer service in ages! Keep up the great work! Thanks again!
Louise, Brisbane, QLD

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