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Play Battle Royale in Real Life

Inspired by the popular games from "Fortnite" and "PUBG". This game is epic!  

The last player to see be activated at the end of the game wins. This game is super quick, most rounds only last a couple of minutes. 

Fortnite Themed Party 

For more hints and tips on how to throw a Fortnite themed party, read our blog post.

Ever wanted to play Battle Royale in real life?  Now you can, right in your own backyard! Using brand new laser taggers the system creates a virtual battlefield area that shrinks over time. 

If a player is outside the gaming zone they will start taking "radiation" damage. The gaming zone starts up to a 40m diameter and shrinks over several minutes.  There are no reactivations (or respawns) in this game.  

Play in Squads 

 Players can play red team vs blue team. Just like the 50-vs-50 mode in the video games. The last squad with a live player wins.  

 Play Solo 

 Or you can switch to a free-for-all, which is every gamer for themselves. Last gamer standing wins. 



Playing Battle Royale

How do you win? How do I score it?

Scoring this game is easy. The last player activated is the winner. You can choose to play this game with teams (red vs blue). In that case, the entire team wins! 

You can tell players are still activated by looking at the head sensor. On = activated. Off = deactivated. 

Players get deactivated when they are tagged 5 times. 


Game Briefing: Squads 

Easily explain how to play to play Battle Royale in teams with this video.  


Game Briefing: Solo (Free for All) 

Easily explain how to play to play Battle Royale in solo with this video.  It is every gamer for themselves in this free-for-all game.



Tips & Tricks

Battle Royale is a hiding game. Because of this, it's best to play in an area with lots of cover. The normal rule of thumb is one hiding spot per player (minimun). With Battle Royale you should double this. 

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