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Play Battle Royale in Real Life

This DIY game is inspired by the popular video games like "Fortnite" and "PUBG". This game is epic!  

When playing a solo, free-for-all the last player to be activated at the end of the game wins. This game is super quick, most rounds only last a few minutes. 

Fortnite Themed Party: Play The Battle Royale Game (IRL)

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Did you ever want to play Battle Royale in real life?  Now you can right in your backyard! Using brand new laser taggers the system creates a virtual battlefield area that shrinks over time. 

If a player is outside the gaming zone they will start taking "radiation" damage. The gaming zone starts up to a 40m diameter and shrinks over several minutes.  There are no re-activations (or respawns) in this game.  

What do I need?

Pick any pack from the ROYALE series of packages. These are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. 

Inside a standard pack, you'll have a few ultility boxes. These let you play different missions. For Battle Royale, pick one of the boxes to be the Royale Box.

This goes in the centre of the field as high as possible.

How do you win? 

The last player alive is the winner. 

 You can tell players are still activated by looking at the head sensor. On = dead.

Players start with 100 HP. They can collect Shields and healing supplies from the Supply Crates during the mission. 

However! Gamers can also collect different virtual weapons that do more damage. Every starts with a Common Automatic Pistol which does between 12 - 15 damage each time. You don't want to be facing someone with a Sniper Rifle when you still have a Pistol!

What are Supply Crates?

        You can play this game with Supply Crates when you book in a Royale package.

In the basic Royale package, you can set up two supply crates. That's a crate for each squad. We recommend having players start there.

If you upgrade to an Epic Royale pack, you'll have three supply crates. And for the Legendary, you'll have four. This is awesome if you want to play a free-for-all style. You'll want to give your players 30 seconds to find a hiding spot and start the game. Most gamers will want to start near a crate since this is a great strategy to win. 

The more crates on the field, the more dynamic the game!




Game Briefing: Squads 

Easily explain how to play to play Battle Royale in teams with this video.  


Game Briefing: Solo (Free for All) 

Easily explain how to play to play Battle Royale in solo with this video.  It is every gamer for themselves in this free-for-all game.


Battle Royal Fortnite Cake Ideas

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Tips & Tricks

Battle Royale is a hiding game. Because of this, it's best to play in an area with lots of cover. The normal rule of thumb is one hiding spot per player (minimum). With Battle Royale, you should double this. 

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