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Battle Royale Birthday Party

For Tweens & Tweens (Epic Battlefield LIVE)

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Does your child love to play Fortnite? Then celebrate their birthday in a unique way by experiencing video games live.

These taggers can be used indoors or outdoors. Day or Night. 

Play Fortnite "For Real" with epic missions including Battle Royale and awesome in-game upgrades from Supply Crates.

Every laser tag pack comes with preset games you can play! For this package you have five options. Check out this popular mission:      

Your Mission: Battle Royale

Inspired by Fortnite and Call of Duty. This game can be played as a free-for-all or in two squads.

How Does It Work?

In your pack you'll have three Ultiliy Boxes. For this game you'll want to pick Battle Royale Box on the menu. What this setting does is create a "safe zone" using radio. The safe zone shrinks every minute, drawing the players closer and closer together.

With your other two boxes, pick Supply Crate. If you're playing with squads, having the players start near these two boxes. They can stay hidden near the Supply Crate for a minute or so, collecting in-game upgrades.

How Do You Win?

The last player alive wins! If you're playing squads, the entire team wins.

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More Missions:

Now you know what missions you can play. The next question you'll want to ask is:

How Many People Are Playing?

Book a set where 8 people play at once. (Or hire a set of 12 or 16, or even more!)

Best 18th Birthday

YES! it made the best 18th birthday party... me and my friends will be remembering this party for a very long time! Thankyou so much it was the best fun EVER!!
Molly Warragul, Victoria

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