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Sick of paying for toy Laser Tag sets that break almost just by looking at them? Cheap laser tag sets that have no range & fail to live up to their promises? Want something that both adults & kids can play & enjoy? Then read on...

Award-Winning Service! Laser Tag in a Box is on a winning streak.

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If you are looking for a fun incursion for your vacation care that offers loads of fun with less stress? Keep your entire centre engaged, from preppies to preteens, with a Laser Tag in a Box rental.

Can you guess the #7 awesome benefits of Outdoor Laser Tag for Students on School Camp?

End of financial year team building events that will be a blaster for you staff

Planning a Wild West Party? Love Hankering for some Western gothic? Saddle up for some darn good party ideas

Here are five fun ideas for Slumber Parties that your boys will love

Here are five examples of Genius Gift Card Ideas That Will Inspire You.

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