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10 out of 10 Party

Posted on July 17, 2019

A 10 out of 10 Laser Tag Party 

Leah, a Mum with her own business who works from home with two kids Aiden & Erin, has her say on Laser Tag...This was an absolutely awesome experience! We had a group of eight 5 to 7-year-olds playing laser tag in the backyard on the weekend. They all had the hang of it in about 5 mins. The instructions were easy to follow, pretty much set up the game, turn on and let them go! They played for almost 2 hours straight, with only minimal food and drink breaks. None of the kids wanted to go home, and they all kept asking for another game. 


We did break it up into 5-minute games, changed teams, changed bases, just to mix it up a bit. We didn't try any of the harder games, and we didn't need to, the boys were enjoying it so much. Older boys might enjoy the other games though. 

We had both kinds of blow-up barriers, the cones and the black barriers, and the black barriers were definitely much better for the kids. The cones kept falling over with the wind. They were easy to inflate and deflate, and it was just as easy to pack up as it was to set up. Very impressed there. 

Even though the weather was rainy, the clouds cleared for nearly the whole time, although it showered lightly once, the kids were still able to play through, as the phasers are water-resistant, so the weather definitely didn't ruin the experience. If anything, it added to it! We had one base set up in the cubby and the other behind the kids plastic fort, and the boys would run between the two, taking cover behind the barriers in between. 

The staff at LaserTag were very helpful when I picked it up from their office in Underwood, and the lady I spoke to explained everything, from how to set it up to which games to play. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a boy's party entertainment. Nearly all of the boys went away asking their parents for a LaserTag party! The parents were equally as impressed, as it really did keep the boy's busy for 2 hours straight! 

This would have to be the ultimate entertainment for any boy's birthday party. 10/10!

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