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3 Tips On How To Do A Digital Detox

Posted on December 15, 2019

3 Tips on How To Do A Digital Detox These Holidays

Could Your Kids Benefit from A Digital Detox These School Holidays? The school holidays almost upon us and some parents want to make sure that their kids take a break from digital technology. At least for a little while! Detox can sometimes be used as a buzzword. But families can run a mini "digital detox" program at home by organising some fun non-screen activities. 

Laser Tag is a terrific way to get the kids out and active

Interested in how to get the kids away from their screens (at least for a little while!) and get them out and active? Here are some helpful tips on how to do a digital details these school holidays.



Tip #1 - Take A Walk in The Park


This sounds too easy, right? But literally get out of the house and walk to the local park is an active and easy way to get outdoors and get active without breaking the budget. Or if you don't have a local park that's handy to your place, most cities have a Botanical Gardens you can visit.

In Melbourne, the Ron Barassi Senior Park has a super-playground. 

In Sydney the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is huge. 

While not the biggest, my favourite Brisbane park is Sherwood Arboretum (formerly known as Sherwood Forest Park). It is a pretty park, as it skirts the Brisbane river. 

Adelaide has many wonderful parks. Helicopter Park in North Adelaide is one of the coolest. Because, not surprisingly, there is a Helicopter! 

Like nature? Try out Variety Place Kings Park in Perth

Tip #2 - Turn Your Backyard Into A Fun Maze  

Depending on how many kids you have at your place you could book laser tag set 4 players or 8 players, or even 12 players. 

Playing laser tag in your backyard or a local park promotes healthy and active exercise and the emphasis is on having fun.

Give this school vacation a bit of difference - play a live-action video game at home.

Many kids nowadays are enticed by digital entertainment and end up interacting with games on-screen all day. 

From smartphones to tablets and from portable gaming devices to gaming consoles there is a lot of digital entertainment options. By renting a 4 player laser tag set (or 8 player set or 12 player set) you can play at home. The kids can play video games in real-life. Think: "Fortnite for Real."

When playing laser tag the kids use their eyes to spot their opponents and help them focus on long distances. They use their ears to listen out for where the opposition is hiding. After all, this is high-tech hide and seek.  

The children use their bodies to run around to tag the other team and avoid getting tagged. 

Because laser tag is a team game the children need to work together and communicate to win the games. With children spending so much time on their electronic devices, a day, a morning, or even an hour playing laser tag at home is a wonderful opportunity to step away from the screen and really burn up some energy.

The kids also use their minds to strategize together in order to win their game.

If parents rent the laser tag set for Saturday then they get Sunday for free.

Tip #3 - Create a Ninja Warrior Course for Kids At Home 

Ok, you might be asking yourself "HOW TO DESIGN A NINJA WARRIOR COURSE AT HOME?" 

Kids can use their imagination to create a fantastic ninja warrior course right in their backyard.

Now your children don't need to do 10 chin-ups in a row to have fun. 

The Cubby House becomes a base camp for one team. 

Rent some camouflage nets and drape them over your laundry hoist to create a base camp for the other team. 

Collect some old cardboard boxes from your local Bunnings or hardware store and paint them up to create your own ninja warrior course. 

The kids will need to zig-zag around the boxes in the fastest time. 


Make an obstacle that the kids (and maybe even the Dads) need to crawl under. 

Doing a "leopard crawl" is not as easy as it looks! 

This video shows a "battlefield prop" that is actually fake barbed wire. 

To create something similar at home you can hammer some stakes into the ground, then string them together with brightly coloured wool. 


Guidelines On Limiting Screen Time

New national guidelines on screen time for children recommend smartphones and tablets should be limited to a maximum one-hour shift for kids up to 5 years old. 

For school-aged kids, the recommendation is no more than 2 hours of screen time per day.

University of Wollongong Professor Tony Okely, who led the research for these guidelines, warned fast and quick transitions and flashing lights from screens could impact a child's brain development.

Summing up: Here’s the Key Takeaway on doing a Digital Detox these Holidays 

Alternative family activities like laser tag, walking, and ninja warrior games are fun. They will entertain the kids, away from their screens. 

Especially on school holidays, kids have a lot of spare time. This could be your chance to enlist your family into some fun team holiday activities.

With activities like Laser Tag hire and home-made obstacle courses, the fun can last as long as you want. 

Running through an obstacle course, walking and playing laser tag with their friends or family helps kids get out and active during the school vacation. 

It is a fun digital detox.

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