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5 Activities That Are Fun For Adults & Children

Posted on July 17, 2017

Five Activities That Are Fun For Both Adults And Children

By Monisha Iswaran 

father and son activities Being a parent does not have to be a series of trips to places you hate, or evenings of watching shows you have no interest in. There are all kinds of activities out there that are of great appeal to both adults and children alike and we’re here to share them with you. Discover what’s out there and start planning your next few weekends with these 5 activities that are great for all ages.

1) Take A Music Class With Your Little Ones

Who doesn’t love music - it’s great no matter how old you are. Not to mention, you are bound to enjoy the process of teaching your little one about the joys of music.  

2) Laser Tag Is Always A Great Time For All!

No matter how old you are, who doesn’t love getting their inner kid who wanted to be an action hero out and shooting around in the backyard? 

Nicole Lander from Laser Tag in a box shares feedback she received from Elizabeth, who had a successful experience with throwing a laser tag party:

“Just got an email from the “Best Grandma on the Planet”.

Elizabeth has an acreage property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. She booked a laser tag rental for her 14 year grand-son. She wanted to let us know that her Laser Tag party was a huge success.

“I have been promoted to the best Grandma on the planet,” Elizabeth said. “We had an absolute ball, we even had a night mission and they are already planning the next one. We also kept it a secret to all party goers until the last minute which created great excitement when we unpacked the boxes,” she said.

Laser Tag in a Box is a fun, thrilling activity that has been enjoyed by kids and the young at heart!

Laser tag is simply one of those activities that everyone enjoys, regardless of age! To find out more, check out the company on Facebook

3) Get A Scooter And Have A Blast!

Who would have thought that scooters can be so much fun even as an adult? 

4) Take A Trip To A Nearby Lake

Activities that are perfect for your family, adults and kids alike, do not by any means have to be complex or expensive. 

5) Simple Yet Engaging Games For The Family

Staying in on a cosy winter afternoon? Why not get out the family game collection and you’ll all be having equal amounts of fun in no time! 

Monisha says, you’ll never be bored again with this list of awesome and diverse activities for the parents and the kids out there looking for something to do. 


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