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#5 Ways To Keep Kids Active This Summer

Posted on November 4, 2021

Get Active This Summer: Here's Five Ways For Family Fun 

Guest Blogger: Julia Hammond

Summer is a beautiful time of year for families.
family at the beachThere’s ample opportunity for outdoor adventures and with the sun usually shining it’s easy to motivate yourself to be active.
Check out five ideas for activities to keep you and your kids fit over summer.

1. Laser Tag Rental

Sun's out guns out! Not the muscle type this time, we’re talking laser guns. Invite your friends and family around and rent Laser Tag In A Box for a day of active fun in the backyard or your local park. Think of it like a video game come to life - and totally safe for kids. It can be played day or night and is a great way for parents and kids to spend quality time together.

2. Trampolines

Jumping around on a trampoline is a fantastic form of moderate exercise and helps with muscle tone for both adults and kids. If you have space in the backyard then consider a safe trampoline from MyDeal that will bring the fun all Summer long. If not, Bounce Inc. is a trampoline adventure park with various locations around Australia. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

3. A Day At The Beach

When the weather is clear and balmy there’s few things more relaxing than a day by the sea. Energetic kids don’t usually last long reading a book on the sand however. Make it an active adventure by bringing along MyDeal outdoor play sports equipment and games. The beach is also the perfect location for your kids to practice their swim strokes but make sure to keep an eye on them at all times!

4. Circus Classes

Kids are often naturals when it comes to circus tricks because of their flexibility and fearlessness. For simple tricks you can learn at home try out hula hooping, juggling, somersaults and handstands. Or book into a circus class which run out of various circus schools around Australia.

5. Visit The Botanic Gardens

Believe it or not you can combine fitness and education in the same activity. Head over to your local Botanic Gardens and learn about plant life and nature with your kids. Download a map before you go and mark points of interest. Fun games could be racing your kids to the landmark once in your sights or seeking out a particular plant type like an explorer.
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