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7 Fabulous Backyard Game Ideas

Posted on April 12, 2022

#7 Fabulous Backyard Game Ideas & Backyard Adventure Ideas


Here are seven fabulous backyard game ideas to make your new family favourites.


Is your backyard the place to be? 

Is your house that one where the neighbourhood kids congregate? Autumn is a great time for mild temps and enjoying some family fun in the yard.  

I love to get my kids outside.

Let them play and let off some steam. 

Backyard games help it be the place where memories are made.  

Our family favourtie games are backyard cricket and outdoor laser tag. 

They are very popular in our house.  

Other ideas include building a tee-pe in the garden, flying frisbees, playing oversized kerplunk, ninja warrior wars, and of course the old favourite, throwing dice. 

7 fab backyard games

Game On! Here are the Fabulous Game Ideas

IDEA #1: Build a Tee-Pee in the Garden   

This is a great way to get creative with the family.  

You can purchase some bamboo or wood poles from Bunnings or your local nursery or garden supply shop.  

Or if you have an acreage property then you can forage in on your property for some similar sizes sticks.   

Check out this fabulous rustic tee-pee I stumbled across in my local park! 

Image Credit: Laser Tag in a Box / Nicole Lander

How-To Guide: Artful Parent

yard teepee


IDEA #2: Laser Tag at Home 

Transform your backyard into an adventure park, without the commute.

Laser Tag is like a "live" video game that gets the kids out and active. It is high-tech hide and seek!

The kids use “taggers” that take backyard games like nerf or high-and-seek to the next level.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids are sure to love it!

Laser Tag in a Box delivers laser tag fun to your door.

No need to queue to play.

You can rent a 4 pack, 8 pack, 12 pack etc this will keep the kids busy for hours.

With the Laser Tag in Box equipment, you can play outside, day or night.

As the day cools off and twilight approaches then there are even more opportunities to extend the fun times.

The light effects of the laser tag equipment seem brighter in the dark.

This can make your gaming even more thrilling.

What you will need:

Rent a laser tag set from Laser Tag in a Box (nationwide delivery)

laser tag at home


IDEA #3: Giant Kerplunk 

Have you got a steady hand?

Test your mettle with this cool hand/eye challenge.

Watching each family member have a go at pulling out a skewer out to see if the entire contents drop can be fun! Who will come out on top?

You can build your own at home with some plastic balls, chicken wire, bamboo skewers and a platform.

You can build your own giant kerplunk game with these easy do-it-yourself instructions.

Or you can buy an Australian-made giant kerplunk game from Thomas n Co.

Image Credit & How To Guide:

The DIY Plan

gaint kerplunk


IDEA #4: Frisbee Frenzy 

Who's got the best trick shots in your neck of the woods?

Flipping frisbees is a great way to have some fun.

Out flip, out fly!

The Flying Disk's blog offer some tips on trick shots with their aerodynamic flying rings. 

They are great fun to play with a family group in large open backyard.

Or you can also play with them them at the beach, park or local sporting fields for some serious family fun.

Image Credit & How To Guide:

Flying Disc



IDEA #5: Play Dice 

Giant do-it-yourself Yard Yahtzee set to become many family’s favorite backyard game!

Yahtzee is one of the world's most popular dice games.

The objective of the game is to roll 5 dice in order to score combinations and get the highest total score.

Yahtzee scoring can be confusing at first, but with some patience and several YouTube videos, you'll get the hang of it.

Actually, in our house we are not huge fans of Yahtzee.

But we do love playing Dungeons & Dragons

So if you prefer buying your own dice set then try these cool, metal, glow-in-the dark dice set from The Dice Druid

Image Credit & How To Guide:




IDEA #6: Backyard Cricket 

There's not many backyard games more quintessentially Australian than Backyard Cricket.

Six! And out!!

How do you play this fab game?

Well, try and divide whoever’s playing into two roughly equal teams.

Adults versus Kids might sound like fun. But we’ve found it’s best to have some youngsters and some young-at-heart in each team.

You’ll need a cricket ball (or tennis ball) and wickets (preferably 2, but 1 works fine). The good news is that you cannot go for a “duck” (no points). 

In other words you cannot get out on the first ball.

But remember, while smashing the ball over the fence or into the pool will get you 6 runs, but you’re automatically out.

Image Credit: Laser Tag in a Box / Nicole Lander

How-To Guide

Backyard Cricket

backyard cricket


IDEA #7: Ninja Warrior Games

Build your own ninja obstacle course in your backyard.

Carboard boxes and pallets transform into a course for your family.

Run, jump & play!

Inspired by the latest TV series Ninja Warriors you can create an obstacle course in the backyard.

Obstacle courses are great ways to get kids active.

They will hardly realize that they are really exercising. Hand-eye coordination and macro- and micro-movements are all part of the drill.

Image Credit & How To Guide:

Frugal Fun 4 Boys 





Summing up - OUTRO

The backyard is the place where memories are made! The backyard is the perfect place for hanging out with our friends and family!

This blog described 7 fabulous backyard ideas – what are your favourites?

In your own backyard you can take the time and enjoy some fun games with the kids.

What memories do you create in your backyard? I’d love to see your photos of your favourite backyard games, share them  to our Facebook page or email them to us!!

We love to share! #lasertaginabox

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