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A High-Quality Laser Tag Set for Home

Get Your Own High-Quality Laser Tag Set for Home Use

Professional Laser Tag Equipment for Home

If you don’t want to rent a laser tag set and prefer to own it then we can help.

Family entertainment at home can be just as thrilling as games played at a resort or laser tag arena. If you have a bit more time on your hands while in lockdown then considering owning your own high-quality laser tag set makes sense.

professional laser tag set for home use

These laser tag sets are perfect for families who own acreage or simply love to get out into the outdoors and have fun in the backyard. Sick of paying for toy Laser Tag sets that break almost just by looking at them? Cheap laser tag sets that have no range and fail to live up to their promises? Want something that both adults and kids can play and enjoy it? 

High-Quality Laser Tag Set to Play at Home

 Since 1999 our sister company, Battlefield Sports, has been making commercial laser tag equipment. These laser tag sets are built tough. The Cobra laser tagger is a best-seller.  You can order a laser tag set for four players or six players.

Laser Tag Set For 4 Players At Once

A laser tag set of 4 means you can play a two on two-game or a three on one game. This size set is just about the minimum number of players required to make it an interesting scenario. A two-on-two TDM or Team Elimination game is fun. (Of course if you have more players then you can play a round-robin, so everyone gets a go.)

The Cobra Laser Tagger is lightweight but sturdy. It is made from fibre-reinforced polycarbonate. It is robust.

More, it is designed for the challenges doled out by tweens and teens.

Laser Tag Set For 6 Players At Once

A laser tag set of 6 means you have six gamers playing at once. More players means that the missions are more exhilarating. The laser tag set for six can be set up to play in 2 teams or 3 teams.

Or, in fact, or as a free-for-all -- where it is every gamer for themselves!

The great thing about getting a set of six taggers is that you can have two people on 3 teams. In other words, you would have 2 players on the red team, 2 players on the blue team and 2 players on the purple team.

This 6 player format works really well playing the Domination Game.

Is This Laser Tag Set for You?

These laser tag sets are not for everyone. This laser tag equipment is not the toy stuff you get from Walmart.

No Sir.

This is commercial-grade, rugged laser tag gear. It is professional laser tag equipment but it certainly be used at home.

If you want a laser tag set that will go the distance, one that will last beyond Christmas Day, and keep performing season after season then this laser tag equipment is for you.  As the kids grow up you can plan more advanced missions.

The system will grow with you. You can even set the laser taggers up for zombie game at Halloween or try a sci-fi settings if you love Star Wars or Star Trek.

How to Set Up A Home Laser Tag Course in Your Backyard

Setting up a laser tag maze in your backyard is a fun activity for the family. It is a terrific way to get the kids invested in the game they are about to play. Visit the local hardware store and collect some old cardboard boxes, paint them up in green and brown or camo patterns.

Or you can order some camo nets to set the theme.

Email us to learn more about getting a high-quality laser tag set for your home.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your family.

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