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A Spooktacular Halloween Party

Posted on March 6, 2022

Halloween Party At Home

A Spooktacular Halloween Party Idea 




Let's Party: Halloween Style!

How to Throw A Halloween Themed Party At Home

Trick or Treat!

Who got a gang that's too cute to spook? Does your child love ghosts, zombies, and Halloween? How about the big kids in your family? 

This year, why not host a party for them and their friends at home.

These Halloween party tricks are so easy, it's frightening. 

Get some great spooky ideas in this blog including:

  • #1 - Dress-up Inspiration - Halloween Cosplay 
  • #2 - Activities & Games to play in the yard 
  • #3 - Face Painting 
  • #4 - Transforming Your Backyard into a Haunt
  • #5 - Scarifying Food & Drink.

Where to Begin?

Halloween Party Ideas #1 - Cosplay!

The great thing about Halloween is kids can dress up as their favourite character or monster. They get to be something cool and adventurous - and often they want to do something adventurous too! 

One of the most popular costumes this year is the bounty hunter, the Mandalorian, from Star Wars.   

Combine the Mandalorian and Storm Trooper outfits with a laser tag rental and you've got a real party! 

Halloween Party Ideas #2 - Backyard Games

When you're hosting a house party it can be challenging to engage a group of kids. That's why Laser Tag is the best place to begin. 

It comes to you, can be played inside or outside, works for parties of all sizes, and the technology inside the taggers makes managing the activity super easy.


Parents and siblings couldn’t resist. My 8 year old wanted to do something for end of term with his mates. We hired inflatables as well and went to a local park. (We took our generator to inflate the inflatables) - Adena

Dress Up!

Halloween Party Ideas #3 - Face Painting 

Check out this video on how to create a "Day of the Dead" face for kids.



Halloween Party Ideas #4 - Transform the Backyard into a Haunt

Here are some ideas to transform your backyard Into a Spooky Halloween Haunt.

Place fairy lights around your yard for some fright nights. Use outdoor solar powered lights for easy decorations. 

Try and get black lights in your solar lights for maximum impact. Check your local dollar sotres for glow in the dark tombstones or other spooky props. 

You need things to hide behind for your outdoor haunt.  

Laser Tag in a Box also rents inflatables and camo nets. You can also create your own yard props with painted cardboard boxes and over items, you might have at home. 

A good rule of thumb for your haunt, if you are going to have 12 people playing at once then you need at least 12 things to hide behind. 

You can create a "maze" or pop-up haunt with inflatables, painted cardboard boxes, camo nets, and more! TIP: Keep them closed together. 

Then, add some extra spooky decor with cotton balls pulled apart to look like spider webs. You can even decorate these with small plastic spiders. 



Fun Food Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas for food and drink?

Halloween Party Ideas #5 - Spooktacular Food & Beverage 

Brew a Spooky Potion Punch

- Include all your favourite punch ingredients, but add red cordial mix all with it to give it an intense red colour

- Add large plastic eyeballs to float in the potion (be sure these are big enough not to swallow and give them a good clean before adding them to the mix).

- Stick fake spiders to the exterior of the punch bowl to make it look even spookier!


Summing Up

💀Hey boo!

Thank you for laughing at all my skele-puns. I am glad you've found them humer-us. 😂

I was bone to make you laugh.

Let us know if you are planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party this year.

With these #5 Halloween Party at Home ideas we hope your event is thrilling!! 

We'd love to see your pictures!

Post them to our Facebook page with the hashtag #LTIBHalloween 

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