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A weekend fantastic

Posted on February 7, 2019

Julie from Grafton NSW is Mum to a 10-year-old boy, she decided to throw a celebrate her son's and her birthdays. This is her story.

10 year old birthday partyWe actually made it into two birthdays on one weekend. Primarily one for Rhys turning 10 and one for me.

We did not stop - we had 11 boys on Saturday who started just after lunch and went non stop till 1:20 am.

Then up again in the morning to do it all over for a few more hours.

Our next group was larger - 30 people who participated were adults and teenagers - still not sure who had the most fun!!

Everyone went away with a smile on their face - LASER TAG = SUCCESS!!

We looked around for 6 months and ummed about the "gun" theme - but decided to give it a go since most kids in our area were on a farm.

It was Awesome. A night fantastic. The 10-year-old boys had a blast - the sniper activity was priceless.

We live on 10 acres and had 3 acres of orchard assigned for the field.

We cornered it off and put up makeshift barricades, a tractor and trailer made into a "tank" thanks to the PVC pipe.

We used the camo nets for bases which were great, and everyone had a blast.

I think we used more than the 16 hours of charge.

mums play too I think we used the quick charge during the rest breaks in the last few hours. We have lots of photos if you would like to use them for marketing purposes!!

Awesome value - we are considering doing this again.

We host a Christmas in July so there is thought that we might invest in it for then!

Well, the parents were amazed when they picked their children up the next day. And the following day when the arrived at school the poor teacher noticed their tiredness, and they all spoke generously about the party.

Amazing results we will be talking about this for a LONG time.

I don't think we encountered any negative issues. When the boxes were open - it was exciting, the children tried it out at home with dad - good choice mum!

And I can't speak higher volumes.

It was Awesome!

See some more photos on our Facebook Page.

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