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Christmas Gift Guide For Boys

Posted on October 10, 2021

The Ultimate Gift Guide 

I Can't Believe I Never Thought of These #7 Tween Boy Gift Ideas


Are you searching for some unique gift ideas for tween or tween boys aged 9 or 10, 11, or 12 or even 13-years-old? 

If you are struggling to come up with some cool Christmas gift ideas for the tween or teen boy in your life, this gift guide could help you.  

We've gotcha.

This year, many tween and teen boys have been couped up at home for way too long.  

This Christmas give the gift of exploration and experience.  

Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose a Christmas gift for boys who have just reached double-digits. 

gift guide for boys


This Year Go For Something A Bit Different for Your Ideas For Boys 

While board games, video games, puzzles, books and Lego are all great, this gift guide focuses on things that you can do outside, in the backyard. 

This year, get them out and active again. 


Gift Idea #1 - Laser Tag Rental Set 

Boys (and girls) love to play games.  

Get them active and thinking strategically with a fun game of high-tech hide and seek.   

You can rent a set of laser taggers and play awesome games like "Capture the Flag" and "Battle Royale" in the yard. 

You can set a small set of 4 or a medium-size set of 8, or go big with a set of 12. (Got a big event? You can rent bigger packs, just ask us!) 

Or if you cannot find a date that suits you during the Christmas period, get a Gift Card so you can arrange a date in the New Year. 

But book early! You don't want to miss out. 

When you rent the gear for Saturday you get Sunday free. But over Christmas, you actually get even more bonus days!! 


  • Christmas Day event in Melbourne book by the 10-12-21. 
  • Christmas Day event in Sydney book by the 13-12-21.
  • Christmas Day event in Brisbane / Gold Coast book by 21-12-21. 
  • Return collection will be booked for 29-12-21.


Gift Idea #2 - Walkie-Talkies  

Get the tweens communicating about their game tactics with a set of 2-way radios.  

Transform your local park into an action-adventure movie with this simple gift. 

Your son will be roaming around for hours with his sibling or best friend. 

Amazon offers a Digi-cam 2-way radio for around $20 each. 

2 way radios



Gift Idea #3 - Build Your Own Fort

Got some old sheets or blankets in the linen cupboard? 

Or if you don't have spare sheets then you can order some camo nets. The camouflage nets are approximately 2m x 4m each.  

Now you can drape them over oversized connector sets to build your own fort. Known as a "Crazy Fort".

The set comes with rods & connectors to make interesting structures.  

Structures like tunnels, pyramids or a backyard fort. 

This toy was voted #1 engineering STEM fort building toy by Purdue University and the Huffington Post




Gift Idea #4 - Fortnite Nerf 

Ok so Fornite NERF has been out for a couple of years, but it's still a winner.  

Nerf has teamed up with Fortnite to create a series of blasters and targets inspired by the video game.  

For example, they've made a TS-R Blaster replica that comes with three Llama Targets and 8 foam darts for ammo. 




Gift idea #5 - Fossicking For Gemstones & Crystals

Transform a stone into one that sparkles and dazzles with this tumbler.  

So this machine might be one to use in the garage rather than in the backyard. 

But it is fascinating.  

And your boys can spend hours prospecting for gemstones and crystals in your backyard. (Hint: you might want to seed the yard with some stones to help with the Treasure Hunt!)  ;-)

And if the fascination continues then the kiddos will enjoy a fossicking experience at Thunderbird Park

gem tumbler




Gift Idea #6 - Archery Set

After watching Hunger Games who doesn't love archery?  

Amazon offers a kids' lightweight archery bow and arrow set with accessories. 

Most cities have an archery club, so you might be able to make a day of it sometime in the new year. 




Gift Idea #7 - An Ol' Favourite: Socks n Jocks

While your tween or tween boy is gaming their way through laser tag, archery and gem hunting they've gotta look the part.  

Here's where "Do Not Disturb, I'm Gaming" socks come in.  These novelty socks are just perfect for the gamer boy in your life. You can get them in major department stores or online. 

Or there's the "I Paused My Game To Be Here" cap

Or you could deck out your kiddo with a camo jungle hat. They come in three sizes:

And there is also, my favourite, the "Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat" T-shirt. You could replace this with its cousin "Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat" concept. 


gamers tshirt


Summing Up: Your Christmas Gift Guide for Tween Boys

Got some inspiration from these gift ideas for tween or tween boys? 

I can't believe I never thought of these gift ideas before. 

I hope this Xmas Gift Guide has helped you think of some great gifts for the 9 to 13-year-old boys in your life. 

Let us know what you end up ordering! 

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