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Customer Service was Great

Posted on November 1, 2019

Customer Reviews from Real Mums

Mums know best. So here what they have said about Laser Tag parties at home. Here are some product reviews from real people, real mums, just like you.

Best Customer Service

Maxina, Mum to three boys, Jay eigth (8) years old, Oli six (6) years old and baby Patrick booked in a Laser Tag party. Here is her story.

We were lucky enough to trial the laser tag at home!

The lovely girls from laser tag were great with the scheduling of it due to me having my older boys on a week on/off basis.

The kids invited friends from the street ranging from the ages of 7 to 12 year olds.

It was great to have it for the whole weekend... we went to a park and set up there and also in the neighbour's backyard!

Even the dads joined in and had a go against the boys.

Picking it up was good as it was all ready for me when we got there and they showed my husband how to use it and stuff since he is the boss of it!

I still have the boys talking about it and how fun it was.

The customer service was great, was well looked after. 

Some of the kids even asked their parent if they could have a laser tag party when their birthday comes around!

Thanks again laser tag, we are saving up to have an end of year party for the kids for school break up!!

I would recommend it to anyone!

Kirsty's Review of Laser Tag in a Box 

Kirsty is a young Mummy to five children, 6 years and under! Wow!
She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, photographer and business owner.
Here's her review of Laser Tag 

We were lucky enough to be able to trial the LaserTag for my son and some of his friends from school. Originally it was to be for my nephew's birthday however when my son got sick, the girls at LaserTag were really helpful in allowing me to reschedule it!

For our party, we had a couple of the boys from school, and with my son being in Prep this year, and only being between 5-6 I was a little worried that maybe they wouldn't understand the concept of it, however even my 3-year-old son had a blast with them!

laser tag partiesWe picked up the equipment on Friday and with not having to return them back until Monday, we got a lot of fun and play out of them!

With all of the equipment easy to learn and use, I was impressed with the ease of use and also the handbook that came with it to explain different ways to play the game!

When we set up the inflatable boys, we were disappointed to see that the plug that keeps the air in them was missing, so on contacting the ladies there, they were really helpful and sent someone from the office to our house (we live on the Sunshine Coast, their office is in Logan) to bring us new inflatables! 

Talk about amazing customer service! 

All the adults I think had just as much fun as the kids, and none of the kids wanted to leave in the late afternoon!

Even now going back to school, the boys are still all talking about the laser tag party!

Thanks to the ladies at Lasertag and Kidspot, you made one happy boy (and his parents) and we look forward to having one again!!

Tashana's Product Review of Laser Tag

Tashana threw a laser tag party in a park for her children, a boy and girl, who are  ten (10) and eight (8) years old.

Here's their story...

We played today and it was amazing, cannot wait to get them again.

It is so worth the money.laser tag party in a park

This is a fantastic company and I would highly, highly recommend.

The only downfall is the guns are heavy so your arms get sore after a while.But amazing none the less. The gear is very easy to use and lasts for ages.Everybody had smiles the whole time. The customer service was fantastic.The staff are just beautiful and very patient.I think it is suited from ages 6 and up.

The products are great. You get a lot in the 1 box and worth the money.I would 100% recommend this to a friend.

In fact I give it a rating on a scale of 5 stars, 5 out of 5.


Jodi from Browns Plains Review of Laser Tag in a Box

Jodi from Browns Plains in Brisbane is Mum to a 9 year old boy.

She chose Laser Tag in a Box for her parties (she threw 3 in one weekend!).

Because if you rent for Saturday you get Sunday for free. This is her story.We had Laser Tag in a Box for the weekend for three parties of varying ages.All ages enjoyed it. blue team laser tag

We had a 3 year old to Adults. Boys and Girls.

The High Schoolers - Ages 14-17 boys and girls, had fun all afternoon.

And you know how difficult it is for teenagers to have fun!The next day we had parties with kids - boys and girls, ranging from ages 4-14 & sorry the adults as well!They were all able to have fun together and everyone had a great time.The equipment works really well and even if the younger children couldn't fire as accurately, the sound effects really kept them thoroughly entertained.I would highly recommend Laser tag in a Box for all ages of boys and girls, probably more suited to those who like to be active and run around but can also be used by those who are more sedentary.

Everyone enjoyed it.I would even recommend it for adult enjoyment at parties.Regarding the company's service, they were very fast & organised, everything was waiting for team laser tagGreat quality, even for one who is in the Airforce Cadets & has done shooting.We had 10 phasers for up to 10 people.You could have subbing in & out because if you are continuously running it does get quite exhausting.We went from picking up the box at 10am to party at 11am.Thank goodness teenagers know how to play and it is easy to use.The Laser Tag in a Box web site was easy to use and had lots of information.


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