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Discover #7 Benefits of Outdoor Laser Tag for Students on School Camp

Outdoor Laser Tag Games Are Engaging for Students & Easy For Teachers


Each year schools from Abbortsford in Sydney to Zillmere in Brisbane and countless other places across Australia plan the annual school camp.  

It's a rite of passage for students and is an awesome opportunity for the kiddos to bond with their cohort and experience new things.  

 School camps create lasting memories. While traditional camp activities like campfires and singalongs are enjoyable, there are also new options that can level up the adventure. 

Easy-to-run activities, like Outdoor Laser Tag, are becoming more and more popular among schools and camps.

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What is Outdoor Laser Tag?

Outdoor laser tag combines tactics and teamwork.  

 Players use infrared-emitting taggers to tag opponents and complete mission objectives. 

The taggers are safe. There are no projectiles. Rather they just emit infrared, like a TV remote.

The playing area can be flexible. 

You can play in a patch of trees or a pop-up arena made with cardboard boxes or hay bales.  

 Because laser tag is "high-tech hide and seek" players simply need some obstacles and hiding places. 

This creates an immersive and challenging environment.

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"We have been using LaserTag in a Box for many years for our annual King of the Mountain Camp in September. It is always a highlight activity on camp and we have always had great support from the team and look forward to our ongoing partnership. We have hired for our boys' camp. This year we upgraded to Battlefield Live Epic pack with 20 scorpion guns and an extra utility box. It was a game changer. All the kids and leaders raved about the different game plays available, and a 90-minute session seemed to go by so quickly. This is by far our most exciting activity on camp!!!" Paul Murray, QLD


#7 Benefits of Outdoor Laser Tag for Students 

There are numerous benefits to incorporating outdoor laser tag into your next school camp. Here are just a few.

 1. The Students Love It

Bottom line, it's sometimes challenging to get the students engaged. Most kiddos nowadays have played video games. 

So getting them outdoors and playing a scenario like their favourite video game IRL (in real life, for us mere mortals) is awesome.


 2. Physical Activity and Health

 Let's face it, kids today spend a lot of time indoors glued to screens. Outdoor laser tag is a great way to get them up and moving. 

The game requires running, ducking, and strategizing, providing a fun and engaging form of exercise. This can improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and coordination.

 3. Teamwork and Communication

 Successful laser tag missions require teamwork and effective communication.

Players need to work together to develop tactics. Tactics such as providing cover for each other and completing game objectives. 

This can foster important life skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership.

 4. Confidence and Resilience

 The thrill of the chase, the sting of defeat, and the joy of victory – laser tag provides a range of emotions that can help students build confidence and resilience. 

Learning to handle setbacks, adapt to changing situations, and celebrate successes are valuable lessons learned on the laser tag battlefield.

Rest assured, the software settings can be subtly tweaked to even out the teams.

After all, you want to keep up the challenge even if the team's talents are lop-sided.

 A great icebreaker game is called "Team Elimination".

You divide the cohort in half. Half of the students go on the red team, and half on the blue. Everyone gets 5 health points. If a student gets tagged 5 times their tagger is deactivated and they need to go back to their base (wherever they started).

At the base camp, there is a team medic box. The student just needs to stand next to the box for a couple of seconds, and the computer inside this game prop will reactivate them.

The student is then back in the game. The good news is that students can get reactivated an unlimited number of times.

So they are always part of the action. 

The team with the least number of reactivations wins.

 5. Social Interaction and Inclusion

 Outdoor laser tag provides a level playing field for students of all athletic abilities and social groups. It's an inclusive activity that encourages interaction and collaboration between different personalities and cliques.

This can break down social barriers and foster a sense of community within the camp group.

 6. Creativity and Problem-Solving

 The unique environment of the laser tag field encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.

Players need to use their surroundings to their advantage, develop clever tactics, and think on their feet to outsmart their opponents. 

This can stimulate cognitive development and boost critical thinking skills.

 7. An Adventure To Remember

 Let's not forget the most important benefit – outdoor laser tag is simply a blast! It's an exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity that will leave students with unforgettable memories and stories to share.

The laughter, teamwork, and challenges faced during a laser tag game create a strong bonding experience that can last long after the camp is over.


More Than Just a Game

Incorporating outdoor Laser Tag into your School Camp is more than just a game. 

It is a valuable tool for educators and camp organizers to promote physical activity, social interaction, and essential life skills in a fun and engaging way.

Remember, the benefits of outdoor laser tag go far beyond the game itself.

It's an opportunity for students to learn, grow, and create lasting memories that will shape their school camp experience and beyond.

The great thing about outdoor laser tag is that it scales up well.

You can engage one class or the entire school cohort of 100 or even 200 students.

It is a great opportunity to finish the school camp on a high. And all the students are in one place, ready to get on the bus home!

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Conclusion: New School Camp Ideas

So, next time you're planning a school camp, consider renting an outdoor laser tag set to add some live-action to your itinerary. 

You might just be surprised at the positive impact it has on your students.


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