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Eat Sleep FORTNITE Repeat

Posted on May 30, 2019

Here's How to Throw a Battle Royale Party for a Game Obsessed Teen or Tween

Just about the hottest video game format right now is Battle Royale. This game format has been made famous by Fortnite and PUBG. Now many other video gaming franchises like Call of Duty and even Battlefield V are getting in on the act. 

And why not? 

The appeal of being the last gamer standing is addictive!

Now you can rent some laser tag gear from Laser Tag in a Box to bring the hugely popular survival game, into the real world, and right into your backyard.

What is a Battle Royale? 

General mayhem. Period. Battle Royale is a game of survival. It is a free-for-all fight. The royale in Battle Royale refers to the game’s intensity. Rather than to a regal connection.  

The video game Battle Royale Fortnite launched late last year as a follow on from PUBG. It has quickly surged in popularity and nowadays dominates the world of teen gamers. 

How To Play Battle Royale At Home

The game mechanics of the live version are inspired by the video game. 

In the video game the scenario starts with 100 players and the challenge is to survive long enough to emerge as the last gamer standing. Gamers fly over a map in a bus. Yes a party bus! And then choose when to eject, hopefully landing away from other players. 

The at-home live action version might not have 100 players but the basic idea is the same. All the gamers start in the middle and they have 30 seconds to get to a good start point. Because the batteries are long lasting you can play the Battle Royale mission over and over. 

This game is all about avoiding getting deactivated, rather than trying to maximise your kill count. 

Just like in the video game make sure you have good cover when you are trying to take out your buddies!  

Build a Battlefield in your Backyard

In preparing for the Battle Royale party your crew can “build a battlefield in your backyard”.

Okay, so while you might not really be able to build wooden ramps and buildings in the garden, but you can deck it out with camo nets or inflatables

Basically, what they are doing is high-tech hide and seek so the players will need some items to hide behind. A good rule of thumb is that if you have 10 gamers playing at once then you need at least 10 things to hide behind. 

Supply Drops

Hungry gamers are going to what to get a supply drop of goodies like lollies, loot bags and birthday cake.  Be sure to have lots of supplies on hand when planning out your Battle Royale Birthday Party. 

To book your at-home Battle Royale Birthday Party give us a call.

This free-for-all game is played using rental equipment from Laser Tag in a Box. The laser tag equipment is manufactured by Battlefield Sports. Here is their run-down on the Free For All Game.  

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