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End of Season Sports Team Party Ideas

Posted on March 2, 2018

End of Season Team Party Ideas

It is just the start of the junior sports season and many parents are busy with the club sign-on process. Start organising your end-of-season party now and you can score big.

Now is a good time to start thinking about how to throw an end of season team party.

An end of season team party is a terrific way to celebrate the team's achievements during the season. A sports party gives the kids, managers, parents and coaches a chance to savour another season done-and-dusted.

Across Australia, it is an army of volunteers who make the season a success. Everyone is so busy nowadays you just don't need the stress of trying to throw the event together at the last minute.

Ideas For A Fun End-of-Season Party 

While food and drinks, the coach's thank you gift, and awards and trophies are important considerations for a successful sports team party what will really get the kids talking about your event for weeks is the entertainment. A good choice for active kids is an outdoor laser tag party.
Keeping the kids entertained and having fun will end the season on a high.

By renting a laser tag set you can play in a round-robin format so everyone gets a go.

Organising a party that will cater for a big group without breaking the budget is just the ticket with outdoor laser tag played at a local park.
If you are organising sports party for a junior rugby team then you will have 15 kids with up to 8 substitutes. If you are managing a junior soccer team then you will have 11 kids in the team. If you are managing a junior AFL team then you even have up to 18 in your team.
Whichever team sport as well as the team members, there will be parents, siblings and others who might also be part of the end of season get-together.

So with, potentially, a big group it is a good idea to consider a spacious venue. It is also a good idea to select a convenient location such as a local park with BBQ facilities.

The Brisbane City Council has a nifty map search facility to find a park, check it out here

Tracking who is coming can be done online. You can set up a private Facebook event and invite everyone online so you can track who has said they are coming along.

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