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Engaging End of Year Activities For Students

Engaging End-of-Semester Activities

Study period is over. The exams have been completed. The assignments submitted. In the last week of school term the end of semester can sometimes be a trying time to keep the students energized and engaged.

laser tag equipment Some students are really over scrap-booking. They are not really into watching the same old movie re-runs. And many are completely horrified by the idea of performance poetry.

As the weather gets hotter, and summer beckons students can become restless.

How To Keep Students Engaged & Energized?

Several high schools have discovered an engaging end of semester activity that can be done on campus - outdoor laser tag.

This is a fun last week of school activity that gets everyone involved.

Laser Tag is like a live video game that gets the students up and about and having fun.

People of all ages and fitness levels can play and enjoy it.

The laser tag equipment is safe - the equipment uses infrared, just like a TV remove, so it is harmless and eye safe. Further there is terrific light and sound effects.

laser tag for end of year activties The equipment can be used either indoors or outdoors. So the students can play on the oval or in the sports gymnasium.

One Brisbane bayside high school has booked laser tag three years running for the Year 8 Break-Up Day. Each year they've pitted one class against another, so up to 80 kids were on the playing field at once.

An inner city high school also booked laser tag and rotated the students through in series of short, fun games of 10 versus 10 gamers.

A Gatton High School booked in a special event for the end of year celebration for Years 7 and 8. The students played around their school campus in a series of 15 minute games.




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