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EOFY Team Building With Laser Tag

Posted on May 23, 2019

Laser Tag Team Building Events For EOFY 

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is fast approaching. It is a terrific time to invigorate your team, to help them connect and builds trust. It is a busy time for small businesses across the nation. 

As competition heats up businesses need to motivate their workers with an inclusive and positive work culture.
EOFY is a great time to reward your personnel.

When a footy team wins a grand final, or when a cricket team wins a world cup they celebrate. Team managers want to end the season on high. They plan to motivate the team to win again next year. 

Need a stress reliever? 

"Highly successful theme parks and other businesses promote employee engagement by organising team building days four times a year, Easter, EOFY, Spring and Christmas. It is an opportunity to publicly recognise employee successes," said Shaun Mckeogh, Attractions Academy. 

Laser Tag team bonding events help people build skills such as communication, planning and problem solving, and collaborative. A laser tag rental is a perfect choice for a white-collar corporate.

The end of the financial year is a time for strategically looking at business performance and planning ahead.

Hosting an end during June, July or August can achieve team objectives during the EOFY season.
1. Promote communication and collaboration within the team.
2. Recognise and reward staff for good results and contribution over the past year
3. Invigorate personnel during the EOFY period. 

Communication & Collaboration

Prior to the EOFY peak period, it is important to get the team performing at an optimum level. It’s important to encourage the team to close last-minute sales to get the best results and to focus on finalising the financials for the EOFY.

Combining a laser tag rental for your cohort in June, July or August with a corporate picnic or other team-building activity is an ideal way a promote communication. It is a great way to have some fun together. This is particularly important before an intense period of work.  
Whether you are a small start-up or an established business encouraging communication and collaboration amongst the team is vital. Having fun in a friendly atmosphere can get your team to think creatively and work together well. 

Aside from the teamwork and communication skills this type of activity helps develop, another big benefit of live gaming is the fact that it teaches the team how to work together to achieve a team objective.  

Recognise & Reward 

A terrific way to celebrate good results for the last financial year is a team-building activity like laser tag. 
A mundane get-together, such as a drinking session at a local pub, is not something special to remember. But an active adventure is a way to instil togetherness among the team. Adventure experiences like laser tag are active and inclusive. It can foster positive feelings in the group, especially as the missions are won (or lost) as a team. 

Are you setting your business goals for the financial year ahead? If your team has been working hard for the past 12 months and if they have reached both business and individual performance targets, then rewarding them with a fun event is a must. 
EOFY may be time then for celebration, for reward and importantly for acknowledgment of your team!
A bespoke team building event can be a fun and social way of rewarding your team. With a rental, you can run the game the way you want and with only your group. 

It is an active and fun event it is seen by the group as a fun reward. 

Invigorate Your Team

Winning at a laser tag mission demands that the team think creatively and strategically. They also need to work together to achieve their mission 

If a focus for your business is on strategic planning during the end of financial year period, team building programs can also provide a different and novel approach for setting your goals, strategies and creative plans for the year ahead.

Team building events that invigorate your team have a foundation in fun. Having fun together as a team builds and emotional bond in your cohort. It is also something that people all ages and all fitness levels and participate.

In Summary 

The end of the financial year is a great time for team building. If you consider what your business may have achieved up till EOFY and what you could achieve next week. If your team is communicating and collaborating better then your business will do better. If your team feels like have been recognised and rewarded for their efforts then are likely to put even more effort in. And what better way to invigorate your staff than a fun game of laser tag. With a laser tag rental, your team can play for as little as long as they like. 

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