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Fantastic Fun in the Backyard

Posted on February 7, 2019

A review from a Mum of a big family 

Fantastic! This was my first response when I was given the opportunity to trial Laser Tag-in-a-box.

With the Queensland school holidays underway, I thought what a fantastic idea for the kids to do over a weekend with their family and friends. I had never heard of Laser Tag-in-a-box until now and only thought laser tag could be played in family fun centres etc.

We were contacted straight away by the very friendly and helpful team at Laser Tag-in-a-box, at the Underwood Store and from there plans were made and we picked up all the equipment on a Friday, all boxed up ready to go, for return on the following Monday.

I had gone on my own, with no children, to pick up the equipment, without realising that I was going to be given a briefing on how all the equipment was used. The Laser Tag-in-a-box team were very helpful and informative, demonstrating how all the equipment worked and answered any question that I had.

They also had a shop that you could buy or rent extra items to make the weekend more exciting. I purchased and hired a couple of items, the bunkers and the favourite amongst the kids was the face-paint in camouflage colours.

I have 5 children ranging from the ages 14 through to 3 years of age and every one of them was able to use the guns and play the game. It was a little harder for the 3-year-olds, as the guns were a little heavy for them, but this didn’t stop them from wanting to play with everyone.
My husband also had a game with my 14-year-old son and his friends on a Friday night and this was a huge hit with them as the laser could be seen in the dark and they couldn’t be.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had more children come over and then, this is where the fun and games began. I had kids running all around the front and back yard, in and out of gardens, anywhere they could hide, trying to tag each other. They were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.

Only one suggestion for parents is, to make sure that all children are continually covered in sunscreen in between each game. Once they start a game, you definitely can’t stop it for sunscreen application.

For all that was involved in picking up the Laser Tag-in-a-box down to returning it, my whole family and their family and friends rate it a 5 out of 5. It was so much fun, with the convenience of doing it all in our own back yard.

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