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Fun Family Activities for the Long Weekend

Posted on May 27, 2015

Long Weekend Bonus - Laser Tag for Longer! 

long weekend family activities Are you looking for some fun family activities for this long weekend?

Here's a fun idea for the June Long Weekend for you.

Laser Tag! 

Rent laser tag equipment and have a fun family activity at home.

This June is you rent over the long weekend you get three (3) rental days for the price of one.

Normally, at Laser Tag in a Box, you hire for Saturday get Sunday free.

But this June the offer is even better.

You can collect the gear on Friday and then you can rent the laser tag equipment for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Just return it to our shop on Tuesday.

This is perfect fun family weekend entertainment.

Call to book in this terrific offer - PHONE 1800 266 587.

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