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Fun For All Kids - events for kids with additional needs

Fun for All Kids, Especially Kids With Additional Needs 

For more than 35 years, kids from all over Australia have played Laser Tag for their birthday parties.

Yet the traditional dark, foggy maze with lots of loud music and flashing lights and strobe effects left some kids with special needs or some disabilities overwhelmed.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (or NDIS) is a Government program for people with a disability, including people with intellectual, physical, sensory and psycho-social disabilities. It is designed to help people needing disability services in Australia get the support they need. The scheme has succeeded in improving the lifestyle of 71% of participants aged 25 and over. 90% of the caregivers of NDIS participants aged 0 to before school have said the scheme has helped their child’s development.

School-aged children are no different, with more and more activities offering inclusive options.

Laser Tag in a Box is pioneering the laser tag industry with a rental option.

The new do-it-yourself laser tag package means that children with additional needs can now experience the fun and action same of a laser tag party, in their own backyard.

Carers who self-manage their own NDIS Plan give carers the flexibility and choice to decide what support they buy to meet their plan goals. As part of a customised plan laser tag could be part of their community engagement or involvement. Learning through play, like laser tag games, might also be part of early childhood early intervention which is designed to provide support early in life to reduce the effects of disability and improve the person’s functional capacity. Self-managed NDIS enables the care to think creatively about how they can use their fund to best meet the needs of the participant. (To see if laser tag rental might be appropriate as part of your NDIS plan, speak with your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA planner.)

Laser tag at home is a great option for those children who need a little more support.

The hires are for the entire weekend so it’s “go at your own pace”. Plus, they can be set so that they are low volume.

The equipment can be either indoors or outdoors. By playing in their own backyard, the kids play with their own friends and are in a familiar environment.

Every kid deserves to have a fun birthday party, and now, they can!

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