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Fun Ideas For Your End Of Year Celebrations

End Of School Year Party Ideas 

Rent Laser Tag in a box for your end of year break up. If your child is finishing primary school, why not throw a "End Of Year Six" party?
It is a perfect end of the term fun event.
end of school year party ideas Laser Tag let's your child and their friends end their school year on a high!
This is ideal for your end-of-year celebrations we can deliver some fun to your house or office so there is no commute and no hassle getting the kids to the destination. Or better still, save on the courier fees and collect the gear from our shop in Underwood.
Laser tag is some harmless fun.

Fun For All Year Levels

If you are interested in a whole class get-together for your child and their fellow students then laser tag is your choice.
It is also perfect for an end of Year 6 celebration. Or even an end of Year 12 one!  
Laser Tag is perfect for big groups, if you are interested in some fun for your party, call Phone: 1800 Book Us (1800 2665 87).
Say you invite 25 students you can still just rent the popular 10-pack. Because you get the equipment all weekend you can play in a round-robin format so everyone gets a go.
Lasertag can also be played at night under flood lights. Or you can play in broad daylight.
If you have a large number of players to entertain in a shorter amount of time, then a short game like a 5 minute "team-elimination" are best.
Or call us today to see what we can do for you, PH: 1800 Book Us (1800 2665 87).
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