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Genius Gift Card Ideas That Will Inspire You

Posted on June 1, 2021

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#5 Examples of Genius Gift Card Ideas That Will Inspire You

Nowadays gift cards are common.

We have all given and received them.

In the last few years, the popularity of giving vouchers or certificates as gifts has skyrocketed.

It's your chance to send a little love. You can find gift cards just about anywhere:

  • fashion boutiques
  • restaurants and cafes

  • home-ware shops

  • even hardware depots offer gift cards!  

You can get them in-store or online.

Yes, even Laser Tag in a Box offers gift cards!


Whatever the occasion whether it be for:

  • Christmas
  • birthdays

  • graduation

  • bar mitzvah,

  • or whatever occasion.

A gift voucher lets your recipient decide from a list of options.


Options might include experiences, physical gifts or even hampers.

Think about it, with restrictions still in place and borders still closed a letterbox (or inbox!) gift could be just the ticket.

It could be your lock-down life-saver!

Your gift card doesn't need to boring..

Here's some great examples and ideas of how you can transform your run-of-the-mill everyday gift cards into a gift that can really mean something special to the person you are gifting it to. 

Gift certificates sometimes suffer from a bad reputation.

People might think they are “thoughtless” or that they’re impersonal.

But that doesn't have to be the case!

First up, ask: "Is A Gift Card the Right Gift for Your Someone Special?"

The key to giving a gift card is to consider the person you are giving it to and think about what they really like or enjoy.

Consider which shops to they like.

Does your person love video games and fun in the backyard?

Do they love a challenge and playing games with friends?

Gift cards are great if you've left presents to the last minute.

We all lead busy lives!

So a gift card can be ordered quick-smart, and often at 11pm.


Present sorted.

In recent year the regulations around gift cards in Australia changed.

With the exception of a few limited-use gift cards and vouchers, gift cards sold in Australia will have a minimum 3-year expiry period, and the expiry date must be clearly displayed on the card or voucher.

Depending on which way you look at it, you might consider a gift voucher is actually a super special gift.

It's flexible!

It can be, almost, whatever the receiver wants it to be. It's kinda like getting cash, but without the crassness.

There are businesses which have their foundations in not only gifting vouchers at shops as a substitute for cash, but giving virtual gifts to people. Virtual gifts that can be an experience, like Red Letter Days in the UK ( or Red Balloon in Australia ( )

#5 Examples of How To Personalise Your Gift Card

•    Gift Card Presentation Ideas

So say you've selected a fabulous Laser Tag in a Box gift card, what's next?

How can you personalise this gift so it really pops out of the box?

Here are some terrific examples.

Example #1 * Pop the gift card inside a greeting card.

Ok this one is easy-peasy.

Grab a greeting card, slide in your gift certificate.

Boom! You're done.

Perhaps the best-known greeting card company is Hallmark Cards Inc. Founded in 1910 they've been making all sorts of cards.

(They've since diversified also working in retail and television. Heck, they even own Crayola crayons!! But I digress... )

More Genius Gift Card Ideas

Example #2 * Place the Card in a Box 

There is a huge variety of stationary shops which stock gift boxes.

More substantial than an envelope a box makes your gift literally feel bigger!

gift card ideas

Example #3 * Add Flowers  

Just about everyone loves a bunch of flowers. If flowers are not your thing, how about a pot plant? Personally, I love cactus or cacti because I'm so far from being a green-thumb I need a compass!


Example #4 * Put The Card in A Hand-Made Bag.

Now this is an example of how you can really put your personal touch onto the present.

There are lots of YouTube videos on how to craft a simple bag.

Or if crafting is not your thing, you can go on ESTY and there are soooo many bags to choose form.

TIP: A "Dice Bag" is a great size to house a gift card.

Example #5 * Add Another Gift

Ok so this might seem counter-intuitive.

It doesn't have to be a question of either/or.

In fact, you might want to actually add a gift to your gift card!!

You might see that favourite book they've raved about. You might decide that, yes, they would absolutely lurve that new video game.

Or that other thing. Whatever!!

So go combo!

Get them both!

Summing up - Quick Conclusion of Genius Gift Card Ideas

I hope these five examples have inspired you.

Gift cards will likely continue to rise in popularity.

They can be fun and flexible.

We've given you five examples of genius Gift Card ideas. If you can really personalise them, they that present makes it extra special.

Can you really think of a better all-around gift than a gift card? 


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