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Going The Extra Mile To Ensure Courier Deliveries

Posted on June 8, 2017

How Two Businesses Are Going the Extra Mile To Ensure Courier Deliveries 

Nina Hendy from the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Kristy Withers, Incy Interiors and Nicole Lander, Laser Tag in a Box on how they go the extra mile to ensure courier deliveries. 

At Laser Tag in a Box we belive the "show must go on!" so we plan to deliver the laser tag equipment a day or two before the scheduled event. We track it the entire journey, there and back. 

Brisbane small business Lasertag-in-a-box has had its fair share of headaches with courier companies.

Nicole Lander uses a shipping company that promises tracking, but that doesn't always happen.

"The company is fine in the city, but once we need to send something to a regional area and the courier needs to outsource to an agent, the tracking system is intermittent," she says.

The parcels, containing laser tag equipment often used for children's parties, contain about thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The customer then needs to return the rented equipment back to the Brisbane business. 

"All we can do is keep in touch with the customer and ask if the parcel has arrived. It's extremely frustrating."

The SMH article showcased how Kristy Withers, founder of Incy Interiors added "extreme packaging" to prevent damage in transit. 

Read the full article here


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