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How Laser Tag Can Help Raise Money At A School Fete

Posted on May 1, 2020

Five Tips for Running Laser Tag Events At School Fetes

The School Fete season is just about here. And it is one of the best times of year for outdoor laser tag. The weather is mild and people are optimistic.  Here is how running Laser Tag games at your School Fete or Village Fair and put the fun into fundraising.

Tip #1: Determine How Big You Can Go

When renting a set of laser tag guns consider how many people you want to play at once. A set of 10 laser tag guns means you’ll get 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue team. But you might consider, in fact, renting a set of 20 laser tag guns that way you can create double the capacity.  Being part of a big laser tag battle is thrilling. There is a buzz and you can feel the energy of the gamers.

Tip #2: Consider How Much Space To Allocate to the Laser Tag Games

Surprisingly a laser tag attraction doesn’t need that much space. If you have 10 games playing at once then you’ll need 10 things to hide behind. It is recommended to allocate at least 10metres by 15 meters. (A rectangular space is actually more playable than a square.) The key to reducing the footprint is to have more things to hide behind, more items to play around. You can rent inflatables or you can create a fun maze with painted cardboard boxes. Some fetes have even used hale-bales. Laser tag can squeeze into an unusual sized space. If you have an awkward area that cannot be used for a traditional school fete attraction, then consider adding in laser tag to add some spark to your school fete.

Tip #3: Select A Laser Tag Game That Works Well At A School Fete 

As a school fete attraction or festival activity people are paying certain ticket price. For example your laser tag tickets might be a $5 for a 5 minute game. A good choice of game is called “Domination”. Place a Game Box (aka Domination Box) in the centre of the laser tag maze. Set the game duration for 5 minutes.  When the red team tags the box it flashes red and when the blue team tags the box it flashes blue. So the kids need to tag is each and the Game Box. Say blue team had control of the box for 4 out of the 5 minutes, at the end of the time the box will flash the winning team’s colour, so everybody knows that blue won!

The Laser Tag rental package is pre-configured and the software is pre-set so all your volunteers need to do is turn the laser tag guns on with a key and you can start blasting! 

Tip #4: Make Your Ticket Price Strategy Work

Consider if you will be selling tickets for individual games or if you plan to include the laser tag attraction as pay of a package deal. Many schools offer a wrist-band which for unlimited access to rides. This ticket can be $35 or even $40.  If, however, the laser tag games are excluded from the wrist-bands and the students get all the other rides and attractions included, but not the laser tag games then this will mean it will be more challenging to sell laser tag tickets.

Tip #5: Location Location Location

Planning the position of your laser tag attraction within your site map might just be the difference of generating a big profit for your school. The laser tag attraction needs to be set up in a location that the kids, and adults, will see it. Make sure you put in within or very near by the rest of the Side Show Alley.

Conclusion - Putting the Fun into Fundraising 

Summing up, running Laser Tag Events for your School Fete or festival is a great addition to your event’s sideshow alley. It is a lot of fun and easy to operate. And it can add more dollars to your school’s fundraising.

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