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How To Throw A Fortnite Birthday Party

throw a fortnite themed birthday party

Ready, Aim... Fun! How To Throw A Fortnite Birthday Party (At Home)

Are you planning a birthday Battle Royale in 2020? Here is a birthday party that is sure to be a hit.

Get Early Access: Throw A "Fortnite Party" At Home

If you a parent or teacher of a tween then you’ll know that Fortnite is a third-person shooter video game that has taken the youth of the western world by storm. (Or if you have a teen or want an adult party, then visit our sister website.) 

The hearts and minds and any spare time of most adolescents across Australia are now dedicated to playing the Battle Royale game to find out who will be the last gamer standing.

A home Battle Royale party will keep your little sharp-shooters entertained and ensure that parents don't need to re-mortgage the house just to throw a fabulous party.

Fortnite Party Theme & Ideas DIY

Create memories that last forever and a party that will really hit the mark with a Fortnite themed party. And you can do it yourself, at home. Here are some terrific Fortnite party ideas you need to throw an epic party – from Battle Royale games / Fortnite Party Ideas to DIY decor and supply drop goodie bags!

Mums and Dads can theme the games, decor, party favours, and rations!

With fun Fortnite theme you can throw a party they'll never forget, without breaking the budget. If you prepare the snacks and bake the cake at home, and run some do-it-yourself laser tag games then no excessive V-bucks will be needed.

It's a party that is right on target!

play fortnite for real for your birthday party

Count-Down To A Fantastic Fortnite Themed Party

T-minus 4 weeks. Board The Battle Bus

The first step to a fun-filled Battle Royale inspired party is to send out party invites so your child and their buddies can “hop on the battle bus”. Choose a location and time and invite your child's friends to join the fun on the “island” also known as your backyard.

Specify the time and date for the party-goers to “skydive” and glide into your rendezvous. If you choose your house or a near-by park to have the party this can be relatively inexpensive compared to family entertainment centres or theme parks. The other bonus is that your children just play with the kids they know.

You can order customised invites from companies like Etsy, Amazon or eBay, which often offer instant downloads that you then simply print yourself. You can also get loads of ideas from Pinterest. Or you can download a party invite template from us.

T-minus 3 weeks. Watch Out For The Encroaching Storm

Let the Games Begin!

Banish boring parties and book a laser tag rental so your little gamers can save the world, or at least your backyard. Plan to play fun games like “Battle Royale”. The kids can play in squads or solo. Just like in the video game the live version gradually forces the combatants into an ever-shrinking playing field.

Book the “Battle Royale” Awesome Tagger rental pack (QUOTE "CTF")  and your gamers can play over and over to see who is the last gamer standing! 

Add a "game box" to your rental and use it to play the game “Capture & Hold”. Laser tag games are suitable for boys and girls aged 5 years and up. The most popular age is 10. They say invite the same number of kids as the child's age, so renting a 10 pack is perfect. So you get 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue team. Of course, you can invite party-goers! Say if you have 20 kids invited but have rented a 10 pack you can play in a round-robin format, just like an Alpha Tournament in the video game. Because you rent for Saturday and get Sunday free, the fun can last as long as you like.  

T-minus 2 weeks. Get Building! Create Your Own Spawn Island

Prepare your battlefield and decorate your party area with forts or boxes and ramps. Think Minecraft meets DIY battlefield. Okay, so while you might not really be able to build wooden ramps and buildings in the garden, you can deck it out with camo nets or camo bunting or inflatables.

Laser Tag is high-tech hide and seek so the players will need some items to hide behind. A good rule of thumb is that if you have 10 gamers playing at once then you need at least 10 things to hide behind. If you are printing out your own decorations or signs then use an army-style stencil font for the text, I've found that "Burbank Condensed" or "Luckiest Guy" ( a Google font) work well. Using signage that fits in with the Fortnite theme is effective at setting out the different areas of the house and backyard for eating, playing, etc. You might also want to add in a party pinata, such as a Llama Pinata.

You might consider also making inviting the kids to wear costumes, just like their favourite skins in the video game. But be prepared, you might end up seeing a lot of Tomato Heads and Galactic Ninjas.

T-minus 1 week. Get Early Access

No party is complete without party food and with a Fortnite theme, the options are endless. While professional catering can be expensive if you have a party at home you can save a lot. Be on the look-out for bargain buys for napkins, disposable cups and plates. At Laser Tag in a Box, we also sell Camo Plate Sets. It makes the day of your event less stressful if you can prepare many items beforehand. Consider making, or buying, battle cupcakes a week before and freezing them until party day. Say you are inviting 16 kids, make 16 cupcakes and place them out in the shape of the birthday boy or girl's age. Then just simply get some cupcakes stickers for decorations, such as silhouettes or forts or troopers.

A two-tier made-to-order birthday cake can cost upwards of $200. So making your own can certainly save you. There is no harm in buying a cake mix or sponge slab cake from a store then decorating it. Llama Cakes are in. Voila! You have Fortnite fort cake. For your beverages, consider getting small and large potions, oh I mean "boost juices"!

Party Launch! Emote!

With the final arrangements in place, your little gamers will have a party to remember. This is your little munchkin’s big day. With their friends, being ninjas or outlanders, everyone will enjoy the sweet treats and fun laser games making it will be a birthday party they will never forget.

During the party as well as playing the laser tag games you might want to consider running a dance-challenge competition! Floss like a boss! Get each gamer to strut their stuff – their best emote – whether it is the default Fortnite dance or flossing or even the “ride the pony” dance! 

At the end of the party consider also handing out themed loot bags. You can buy some gold chocolate coins for V-bucks. For a fun take-home memento how about some dog-tags.  This is a great way to finish up your Fortnite themed birthday party.

Want Some More Info & Inspo For Your Next Party? 

Download This Free Party Cheat-Sheet


Summing Up: Fortnite Party Ideas

We've run through some great do-it-yourself Fortnite birthday party ideas for boys and girls. Don't forget to have fun and have your smartphone close. That way you can capture all the Insta-wow moments! 

What other DIY Fortnite birthday party ideas do you have?

Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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