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How To Throw An Army Party

Posted on March 1, 2022

How To Throw An Army Party At Home

Player-Centred Fun

Here are some fun ideas for Party Entertainment at your Army Themed Birthday Party in your Backyard

Calling Party-Goers! 

Calling all "Game-Runners" (aka event organisers).

What better way to enjoy a party at home with friends and family than throw an Army Party for your little soldier. 

Many youngsters love playing army.

THINK: toy soldiers and mock battles.

With a laser tag rental, you can keep your little squad entertained for hours. 

army party at home for your little solider

From the Rumpus Room to the War Room! 

You can play indoors or outdoors. So you can transform the rumpus room or backyard into a "battlefield!"

You can create a fun Army Themed birthday party at home with a laser tag rental. 

So what do you need for your home Army Party?

  • Costumes 
  • Food
  • Games 
  • Decor 

Ideas for Costumes for your Army Party 

Start with the basics:

  • Camo uniforms. Most kids have some camouflage-patterned outfits in their wardrobe. Captain Dad's got to look the part, so he might want to buy a camo shirt or camo pants, or go the whole-hog and get some camo coveralls from us. 
  • Then accessorize with dog tags. and war paint. 

For younger players with have Jungle Hats on sale. 

One thing that everyone can wear is "Scrim Net" - it's kind of like a camo scarf.

It is a terrific memento for each of the party-goers. 

Go to town!

The sky's the limit. 

If you want you can also order some camo loot bags as the goodie bags. Each loot bag comes with some lollies, some themed toys and an activity sheet. (Please note that the exact contents change from time to time.) 

Ideas for Themed Food for your Army Party 

Here's where it gets yummy.

See below for some photos of some awesome party food. Check out our blog about this fabulous Tank Cake

And for some fun party favours, check out this blog about how to create a themed chocolate wrapper. 

If you want a camo plate set, then check this one out.

Or you can just order single camo cups

tank cake for an army party

A Tank Cake For an Army Party, see the Cake Blog 

party favours for an army party

Fun Party Favours - Choc Wrappers.

Ideas for Themed Games for your Army Party 

This part is my favourite - the games! 

Popular games to play in 2022 are: 

Basically, the kids are playing high-tech hide-and-seek so you can play in your backyard or in a local park.

Just so long as you have some things to hide behind. 

If you don't have enough trees in your yard then consider renting a set of inflatables.

They are not like a Jumping Castle which requires continuous air, rather you blow these shapes up and then they stay inflated. And no-one jumps on these inflatables. Nope, instead the kiddos use them to hide behind.

The basic rule of thumb is that if you've got 8 kids playing at once, then you'll need 8 things to hide behind.

Of course, you CAN have more!! Or supplement your pop-up maze with items you have in your backyard, like trees, the trampoline, or your swing-set.

army party in the party

Throw a Laser Tag Party in the Park 

party in the backyard

Or Throw An Army Party in the Backyard 

Ideas for Themed Decor for your Army Party 

Here's where you can get really creative. Decorate your place with camo, green and brown. 

Right now we have a special "LEVEL UP" bonus for you.

When you rent a set of 8 or more laser taggers, we'll include a special camo decor bundle for you, for free.

You'll get a camo net rental and two camo bunting hires. 

Summing Up       

Many kids love tanks and toy soldiers.

So throwing an army party at home is a terrific choice for your child's birthday party. 

Have you thrown an army party in your backyard?

Tag us so we can share your piccies -

Planning a party? Get this Party Cheat Sheet & they'll be talking about you & your event for weeks! 


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