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Ideas For Party Games For A Star Wars Birthday Party

Posted on October 3, 2020

Some Fun Ideas for Party Games at Your Star Wars Birthday Party

Gather your storm troopers and your rebels for a fun star wars themed birthday party. Young padawans are invited from across the galaxy to have fun at your child's birthday party.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... well, at least in your backyard or transformed garage! You can create a fun Star Wars Themed birthday party at home with a laser tag rental. (With our laser tag set you can play indoors or outdoors!) 

Star Wars Birthday Parties are just as popular now as they were when the movie franchise first premiered in 1977. Read on for some terrific Star Wars birthday party ideas.

star wars birthday party with laser tag

Jedi Academy Training AKA Star Wars Party

  • Costumes - Check.

  • Food - Check.

  • Decor - Check!

Ideas for Party Games & Activities At A Star Wars Party

Our Cobra Phaser can simulate the Blasters from the Star Wars movies.

You can play a game of "Capture & Hold" and give the game briefing as if your young padawans are on a training mission against the rebels.

What exactly do you need? Well, start off with a 10 pack rental of the Cobra Ray Gun. Then add to the fun with a Game Box.

Laser Tag and Star Wars work so well together because when you are playing laser tag you are really experiencing high tech fun.

At Laser Tag in a Box, we deliver the force to you.

Star Wars Costumes

Who is your favourite hero, the Bounty hunter Boba Fett and Star-fighter Poe Dameron and Stormtrooper Finn, or simply the scoundrel Han Solo? 

Who is your favourite heroine Princess Leia, Padme Amidala or Rey? 

No matter who your favourite is you can dress up and feel the force.

You can buy a Star Wars costume, such as the one pictured as Rey from a local retailer like BIG W or order it online from eBay. Having the kids in costums creates an Insta-wow and it is terrific for the photos.

star wars costume


Star Wars Party Food

It's not a party without party food. And the Star Wars universe gives you so many opportunities to be imaginative with your food and beverage. 

You can order a birthday cake kit from Cake 2 the Rescue, such as this fun Blaster Cake.

You can select from Chocolate or Vanilla. There are even gluten free options.

blaster cake


Star Wars Decor

There are lots of options to deck out your backyard and transform it into a galaxy far, far away.

One easy idea is a Star Wars paper plate set or some iconic paper napkins, or even some classic Star Wars balloons, all available from Lombard.

star wars party plate set

Summing Up: Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Well that's just a few ideas for your Star War birthday party, including decor, party games, food and costumes.

I bet you have some of your own Star Wars party ideas.

We'd love to hear your ideas! Post in the comments below.


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