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Innovative Teachers Use Laser Tag to Boost Student Engagement

Posted on February 4, 2022

Innovative Teachers Use Outdoor Laser Tag to Boost Student Engagement (Without Having To Leave Campus!)

Innovative teachers across the nation are discovering new ways to engage students in active role-playing games. These story-driven scenarios have been effective for big groups of students.

Teachers have run these sort of activities for school camps, on-campus leadership activities, end of term rewards days, and even celebrations for the boarders.  

Live-action gaming role-plays leverage the fun of video games and morph them into outdoor activities.  

School camps are often set in out-of-the-way, rural, or regional destinations. In the past, this has posed a challenge to teachers & educators. New outdoor laser tag technology, however, has enabled live-action gaming to be portable.

Now the students can play just about anywhere! In fact, teachers across Australia have rented laser tag sets and played on campus (without the need for external personnel on site). 

New Ways to Get Student Engagement on School Camp

innovative teachers using laser tag to boost student engagement Live-action gaming allows the students to explore and experience the outdoors in a new and exciting way.  

Every year students from across Australia go on camp. And each year teachers are looking for new and innovative ways to engage their student cohort. 

Often school camp goals are to promote co-operation, participation, self-confidence, team building, and independence. Teachers have been on the lookout for team-based activities that all students, no matter their fitness or skill level, can participate in – and now they have found it!

One of the highlights of the annual school camp for one Queensland Anglican school is live-action role-playing. The students always look forward to outdoor laser tag games.

"In the same week as the Brisbane Ekka Public Holiday, the students from Year 5 and Year 8 from WestMAC (West Moreton Anglican College) attend their school camp experiences. One of the highlights of their annual school camp is the outdoor laser tag games. WestMAC has booked the laser tag equipment from Laser Tag in a Box for eight years running," said Andrew Doyle, Head of Activities & Outdoor Education, West Moreton Anglican College.

Likewise, Adam Vanderlinde, Dean of Students (Year 9) from the Holy Spirit College in Mackay has rented the live gaming equipment for four years running. Each year the school has booked a set of 20 units for their three-day camp. 

Schools Benefiting from Laser Tag Rentals: On-Campus Leadership Activities 

Schools from all over Australia have rented laser tag for their camps and events including co-educational and single-sex schools; P to 12, primary, and high schools; from large schools with over a hundred students in one grade to a small school with less than 50 students in total! This activity is flexible and fun for all ages!

"The Moreton Bay Boys’ College boys had a ball playing Laser Skirmish around the school grounds. Another fantastic event!  Thanks again for another great hire. See the picture from our event. This is only about a third of the boys!" said Mrs Alexandra Givney, Year 4 Teacher (Leos Advisor & Africa Tour Coordinator) from Moreton Bay Boys’ College.

Clairvaux MacKillop, one of the largest co-education Catholic secondary schools in Brisbane, was looking for an on-campus activity for a leadership event with senior students. 

"We used laser tag as a fun bonding and teamwork activity with our student leaders. They loved it and enjoyed the challenge and strategy that comes with laser tag games,” said Lisa Atholwood, Assistant Principal Wellbeing and Pastoral Care, Clairvaux MacKillop College. 

Donvale Christian College in Victoria has rented a laser tag set five years in a row. "Thanks very much for hiring us the equipment again this year - the students had an absolute blast (like they always do!). Our year 12s love the experience of running around their own school at night, having heaps of fun and clearing their mind from the pressures associated with their final year at school," said Nat Ayton, Year 12 Coordinator, Donvale  Christian College. 

How to Engage Students in Active Learning: The "Rules of Engagement!"

In summary, innovative educators are embracing live-action role-playing as a way to get students engaged. Australian schools are not the only ones benefiting from laser tag as a means to engage students. The Chipping Norton School in Oxfordshire, UK recently won The School We'd Like award for their innovation. 

Laser Tag in a Box has rented small sets of 8 units to large sets of 60 or more units. Most teachers rent a set of 20 laser taggers bundle pack. This is a great choice because 20 students play at once. For big groups you can play in a round-robin format so everyone gets a go.

We have rented to schools for one day, a weekend or an entire week. Whether you want to engage just one class or the entire school cohort, laser tag equipment rental is the newest addition to your school’s annual calendar. 

In Conclusion

Has your school or college utilised some innovative ways to engage your students? Are you planning an end of term rewards day?

Discover how outdoor laser tag can benefit your students.

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