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Laserforce versus Laser Tag in a Box

Posted on April 4, 2022

Compare Laserforce versus Laser Tag in a Box Parties

Planning a party? Then compare Laser Tag in a Box versus Parties at Laserforce.

Yep, it's Laser Tag in a Box V Laserforce.

Let's compare!

Both boys and girls love to play fun laser games.

When planning your kid's birthday party then you might want to compare parties from Laserforce and Laser Tag in a Box.

Laserforce has been around for a long, long time, based at Woolloongabba.

If you book Laser Tag in a Box then you won't have to battle your way through a stressful commute just to fight over a car park at Laserforce.

If you book Laser Tag in a Box then you can play Laser Tag near you.

In fact, you can play at your place!

Can't get much nearer than that!! :-)

Better still you can invite who you want.

You don't have to play with other members of the public.

Your kids don't have to go up against kids you might be a lot older, or a lot more experienced at laser games.

compare laser tag in a box vs laserforce

Compare Game Times with Laserforce

When you compare how much game time you get when you rent some laser tag equipment from Laser Tag in a Box compared with the game times at Laserforce.

When you rent Laser Tag in a Box you rent for Saturday you also get Sunday for free. Most people collect the gear from our shop on Friday and return it on Monday. But if you organise a courier delivery then you'll get the boxes a few days beforehand.

The batteries in Laser Tag in a Box taggers last up to 16 hours. So the fun can last and last. And you can play as long as you want.

Whereas at Laserforce most games run for 7.5 minutes to 10 minutes in duration. At most Laserforce parties you get three games. So that is only a total of around 23 minutes.

Indoor versus Outdoor Laser Tag

With the laser tag equipment from Laser Tag in a Box, you can choose to play either indoors or outdoors. Laser Tag in a Box use Australian-made laser tag equipment from Battlefield Sports. 

But the Laserforce arena is in a cramped un-airconditioned area at the back of a Woolloongabba building.

Food Ideas At Your Laser Tag Party

At Laserforce the standard party offers a lolly bag and a small slushie as well as the laser games.

Teen parties also include pizza.

The challenge with food purchased at a Family Entertainment Centre is that you don't know if it is allergy-safe.

Did you know that according to ASCIA that one in 20 kids nowadays have some type of food allergy? 

Just because your kids, or their friends, are allergic to egg or peanuts doesn't mean they have to forego the fun of a laser tag party.

If you have the party at your place you can cater for yourself.

Create a Party They'll Never Forget

Book your laser tag rental with Laser Tag in a Box for a fun laser tag party at your place. 

Call us on 1800 266 587 or book online.

Planning a party? Get this Party Cheat Sheet & they'll be talking about you & your event for weeks! 


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