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Low-Waste Party Ideas (with Laser Tag!)

Posted on August 26, 2021


Host an eco-friendly party with Laser Tag! Here's a bunch of ideas.

Who loves parties? It's a chance to celebrate what's special to us. 

And if you are anything like me, we all need a bit of celebrating nowadays!  But they can be OTT on plastic. 

From decorations to food packaging, goodie bags and presents; there can be a surprising amount of plastic involved.  

Here are some easy ideas to help you protect the planet without missing out on an awesome party. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy a low-waste party. Let's go! 



Invitations are an important part of your party planning. 

Be sure to send out your invites well in advance so your party guests can save the date. I'd go for at least 3 weeks prior.  

Your invitations should include the following:

  • the party's date 
  • the time
  • the location  
  • a way to RSVP & the RSVP date

Feel free to include any other special information your guests need to know, like if your celebration is a sleepover or surprise. Make sure to also include a date to RSVP by so that you can accommodate all of your party guests. 

While sometimes it is necessary to post out formal invites, now you can send invitations virtually. 

You can email, message or even text your guest list. On our website, we have several designs which you can attach to your message. 


Of course, you want your Facebook Event to look cool. We want to make that easy for you. So we've created a free Facebook Event Cover Image for you. All you need to do is to select the cover image that best suits your child's party, save it to your laptop or desktop computer and then upload it as your event's cover image. 



When I was a kid, my sisters and I loved to make box-folded streams. They look fancy but they are actually super easy to make. All you need is two contrasting colour rolls of crepe paper streams, some sticky tape, and a bit of time.  

Crepe paper is a great option for low-waste parties because it can be often be recycled or composted.  You can, of course, make them with two rolls of the same colour crepe paper. But I think they look more dramatic with the contrasting colours. 

It is a good idea to match the colours with the overall colour theme of your party. 

For example, if you are throwing a Fortnite party then you might select purple and blue. 

If you want to have even bigger, you can hire fabric bunting from us! This bunting is fantastic because it isn't single-use. 


Did you know that Glitter is actually made from plastic?

So instead you could make some homemade confetti with a hole-puncher with leftover paper.



Skip the plastic tablecloth. Instead, you can rent a themed tablecloth, actually made of cloth! 




These days a party didn't happen if it is not on social media somewhere. Whether you're making a TikTok #lasertaginabox or just sharing with the fam.  It's important to set the scene. It can be a great idea to set up a backdrop or two around the party area. 

You could buy wall decor from eBay or other party supply stores. But often they are made of plastic.  

Instead, for a low-waste option, why not hire a camo net? These are big, flexible and reusable. Set it up for your party and when it's all done, just return it us. 




Some parties I've been to seem like every individual food item is wrapped in its own plastic! (Remember plastic straws wrapped in plastic!!) 

One twist on a popular idea is a Charcuterie board, but with hot dogs!  Charcuterie? A board with a selection of meats! But who would have thought of a hot-dog charcuterie board!! Love it.  Hot dogs are great because you can eat them without plastic utensils. 

For the sweets, a homemade fudge, cut up and wrapped in paper (not plastic!) is a great way to keep individual servings without waste.


Oftentimes, drinks at the store come in large plastic bottles. These almost always get up in the bin soon after the party is over. 

Instead, when you are selecting your drinks, keep a lookout for glass bottles. These can be reused in your home or recycled after the party! Many juices come in glass bottles, even at your local supermarket. 

Plus, many shops now sell zero plastic cups for parties. You can combine the crepe paper with these cups to add a splash of colour too!



Rent some party decor. Or if you buy them, store them so you can re-use them for future parties. Or recylce the items that can be recycled (such as the paper, or compose the leftover food).  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

For more party tips check out the rest of our blogs. 


Planning a party? Get this Party Cheat Sheet & they'll be talking about you & your event for weeks! 

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