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Minecraft Party Ideas For Kids

Posted on April 4, 2022


Minecraft Party Ideas for Kids

Are you a Minecraft fan? Here are some fun Minecraft Party Ideas for Kids

Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft?

Why not throw a Minecraft birthday party? 

Better still you can host this Minecraft party at your home.

While we don't rent picks and shovels, you can create a fantastic Minecraft video game-themed birthday party with Laser Tag in a Box.

Where to Begin?

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

It inspires creativity within its players offering them a world to explore and build it.

All parents know the difficultly of bringing the kids outside with the same enthusiasm they feel for their favourite games. This birthday idea is sure to help! 

SNEAK PEAK. What's in this blog: lots of minecraft party theme ideas.

- Design: Easy ways to create an Awesome Invite

- Dress Up: Host a Costume Party

- Decorate: Transform the Backyard into a Minecraft World the easy way

- Discord: Engage the kids with endless excitement and what we like to call "controlled chaos"

- and, Dine: Ideas on what to serve your guests


Minecraft is a simple yet fascinating video game. 

The game features sandbox-building gameplay and an open world. 

Reflecting its simplicity the game's graphics which are low-resolution. 

Just like a kid's block set, Minecraft uses blocky imaging to create an easy-to-manipulate sandbox. 

Gamers can build anything their creativity will allow out of the basic building blocks found in the game. 

Following this theme, your invite need not be high-res or super complicated to suit your party. 

You can create a custom invite with the free online tool "Canva" or use one of our free party invites (download PDF)

MINECRAFT party ideas



Kids love to dress up as their favourite character and Minecraft is no exception.

Let the guests go all out with their costumes (far right). 

HINT: for those who don't come in costume, have some red capes with block patterns ready to go! (right)


DECORATE: Bring Minecraft to Life

The world of Minecraft is made of boxy blocks. 

Do you know what is also boxy? 

That's right!

Cardboard boxes. 

Find the old cardboard boxes around your house or go to the local office supply store to pick up a few packets.

Then you and the birthday child can paint them up green and brown. 

Or let the kids get creative painting trees, lakes and mountains just like they see in the game. 

Short on time?

That's okay!

You can hire inflatable shapes from us instead. Add on a camo net to throw over each of them and voila! You have a Minecraft world in your own backyard. 



DISCORD: Minecraft Game Play 

Monsters like Zombies and Creepers add a little excitement to the game by attacking the gamer's character.

Because these monsters are depicted in low-res they are not too scary. One of the popular games or missions inside the video game Minecraft is "Minecraft Tower Defense".

And we have a game that feels just like it. 

It's called "Capture & Hold". This game is best played twice, that way each team gets a chance to defend the tower.

You'll want to book in the Bundle Pack of Awesome Taggers. Find the packs in our shop!


First set up a section of your backyard that you've designated the Minecraft Tower. To build your tower you can get some cardboard boxes from your local Bunnings. Paint them up in blocked colours. 

Place the game box in front of your Minecraft Tower. 

  • One team, the defenders, play the Builders. 
  • The other team, the attackers, play the Creepers. 

Each player gets 5 hit points when they've been tagged out they run back to their "base camp" (wherever you've placed the team's medic box) for a respawn.

The defenders have their medic box placed nearby their Tower. 

The attackers have their medic box placed at the other end of the backyard.   



Whether you're doing a lunchtime party, a sleepover, or a bbq your guests want to eat. Adding a theme to your food is a great way to keep the party spirit strong. 

A simple option is to find boxy food or make your own - like the rice Krispie pictured. 

IDEA: When making your cake, bake it in a square tray, then layer several on time of each other so it forms a square!

Green and Brown icing is the perfect option. 

Add some extra sweetness in the layers like blueberry or nectarine jam, or stick with the classic strawberry. 

And now you are ready to go!

If you have any questions or wish to book you can contact us through online chat, email, phone or by completing an enquiry form. 


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Summing Up: Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Well, that's just a few ideas for your Minecraft birthday party, including decor, party games, food and costumes.

I bet you have some of your own Minecraft party ideas.

We'd love to hear your ideas! 

Or if you throw your own minecraft party at home we'd love to see the piccies! Please tag your Facebook or Instgram posts with #LaserTaginaBox


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