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Minecraft Party Ideas For Kids

Posted on November 13, 2020

Are you a Minecraft fan? Here are some fun Minecraft Party Ideas for Kids

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Why not throw a Minecraft birthday party? Better still you can host this Minecraft party at your home.

While we don't rent picks and shovels, you can create a fantastic Minecreate video game themed birthday party with Laser Tag in a Box.

Minecraft is a simple yet fascinating video game. 

The game features sandbox building game play and an open world.

Reflecting its simplicity the game's graphics which are low-resolution. Just like a kid's block set, Minecraft uses blocky imaging to create an easy-to-manipulate sandbox.

Gamers can build anything their creativity will allow out of the basic building blocks found in the game.

Monsters like zombies and Creepers add a little excitement to the game by attacking the gamer's character. Becuase these monsters are depicted in low-res they are not too scary.

Minecraft Game Play

One of the popular games or missions inside the video game Minecraft is "Minecraft Tower Defense".

The most popular rental pack is a ten pack, so you get 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue.

Add in the rental of an option "Game Box" to play the Tower Defense game.

This game is best played twice, that way each team gets a change to defend the tower.

First set up a section of your backyard that you've designated the Minecraft Tower. To build your tower you can get some cardboard boxes from your local Bunnings. Paint them up in blocked colours.

Place the game box in front of your Minecraft Tower.

One team, the defenders, play the Builders.
The other team, the attackers, play the Creepers.

Each player gets 5 hit points when they've been tagged out they run back to their "base camp" (wherever you've placed the team's medic box) for a respawn. The defenders have their medic box placed near by their Tower.

The attackers have their medic box placed at the other end of the backyard.   

Minecraft Birthday Parties Are Fun For Everyone

Minecraft birthday parties are a blast. In the video game players build their own world in a fun and exciting way. One of the best parts about playing Minecraft is playing with friends and working towards a common goal.   Likewise you can get your party-goers to help design your backyard laser tag maze. Use painted cardboard boxes stacked high, or inflatables, or even camo nets draped over the wheelie bin!

The game is set for 10 minutes. Each needs to tag each other and the Game Box. At the end of the game time the Game Box will flash the winning team's colour.    

Get In On the Minecraft Craze

Minecraft themed parties are popular for boys birthdays, preteen birthday parties, and they are great too for end-of-term parties! If your family loves Minecraft then this is the perfect way to show you want them to have a fun day with their friends.

Book Now to Bring the Excitement

If you want to learn more about our Minecraft themed part hire or are interested in hosting a Minecraft party at your place, then give us a call.

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