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Party Essentials For Your Next Birthday Bash

Posted on December 22, 2021

Must-Have Party Essentials For Your Next Birthday Bash

Must have party suppliesWhat’s more fun than a party? Planning the perfect birthday (or anniversary/wedding/no-particular-reason party) bash can be heaps of fun! However, it can also be incredibly stressful. Whether you’re putting together an evening of fun for your little one’s next birthday party or for yourself, there are a few staple items that should be present to ensure the event runs as planned. 

Dress Up The Venue With Decorations 

Nothing creates a killer party atmosphere quite like the right decorations do! Of course you have the classics - balloons, streamers, a sign with the birthday boy or girl’s name on it. But consider going even bigger - what about setting up a marquee if it’s a big event like an 18th or 21st? You could include fairy lights, and get extremely creative with your design if you start planning early enough!

Dress Up The People Too 

Although it might seem lame to some, party hats, poppers and paper crowns can be heaps of fun. For parties with little kids this is basically essential, and for the older ones it provides an entertaining, albeit dorky flashback to when they were celebrating in their childhood! 

Essential Entertainment 

While parties for adults often involve sipping wine and chatting about life’s recent happenings, when you have little ones present (or if the party is in fact being thrown for a young one), you’re going to need to have material to entertain the kids on hand! An inflatable water slide is heaps of fun, and a great idea if you want the children laughing and playing for hours on end, and is particularly suitable if you have a good deal of backyard space! 

Alternatively, set up a sandpit outside to keep the kids entertained while the adults chat and mingle! There are no shortage of ways to keep children amused, as long as you put thought into it beforehand - or they’re going to be tugging at your hair and saying “Mummy, I’m bored” before you know it! 

Goody Bags Or Party Favours

What’s a great party without a token to remember it by? For a kid’s birthday this might mean a treat bag for all their little friends. For adults this might mean a little bottle of port or a token mug, depending on how fancy and large scale you are aiming to be! Make sure you invest in pretty packaging, as even the smallest gift can look amazing with a few ribbons or a nice bag!

So there you have it - a quick guide on what you need to think about in terms of goods for your party. Of course, there is far more that you may need to consider - depending on the size, location and reason for the party you are throwing. Do you need extensive catering and snacks? A set up of mattresses for a sleepover or slumber party? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks set up at the bar? No matter the event, make sure you figure out what’s right for your particular situation, and if you start planning in advance, you’re sure to ace the role of host at your next party! 


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