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Party Hack: Awesome Laser Tagger Biscuits

Posted on November 24, 2021

#7 Steps - How To Make Fun & Easy: Laser Tag Biscuits

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If you're like me, when you are planning a party, you want absolutely everything to match. It adds to the whole WOW effect and makes for great photos when the entire party table has a consistent theme. From the cake centrepiece, table cloth, tableware and even the yummy treats.

These Awesome Tagger Biscuits take next to no time to make and match the Awesome Laser Tag Cake and Awesome Laser Tag Cupcake Toppers

Many of the ingredients I used like fondant and buttercream are used in the Awesome Laser Tag Cake

Also, the Custom Icing Wafers are from the same online store as those used on the cake so these were a simple add on. 

To save time I used store-bought Arnott's Chocolate Ripple and Ginger Nut biscuits (my son's favourite).

Here is an Awesome Laser Tag Biscuit Wafer printable that matches our: 

Awesome Laser Tag Cake and 

Awesome Laser Tagger Cake Topper

If you prefer to bake the cookies yourself, then homemade shortbread would also work well.

Download our printable PDF on how to make these fun & easy laser tag cookies, click here


Here are the #7 Easy Steps to follow to make Awesome Laser Tagger Biscuits.

Step #1: Gather your Supplies 

  • Biscuits (20) 
  • Custom Icing Wafer (20cmx 5cm) 
  • Biscuit template 
  • Butter Cream icing 
  • Black Fondant 
  • Fondant Rolling Pin 
  • Circle Cookie cutter 
  • Water in a small cup 
  • Small paintbrush 

Step #2: Fondant 

Roll out Fondant until it is 3mm thick. 

Step #3: Cut the Circle

Using a circle cookies cutter, cut out a circle of fondant. 

Step #4: Assemble

Spread a small amount of buttercream on the biscuit and place fondant on top

Step #5: Fix the Wafer

Now fix the wafer to the fondant by applying the slightest amount of water with the paint brush to the back of the wafer. Make sure to get right to the edge.

Step #6: Repeat

Repeat for all the wafers

Step #7: Eat & Enjoy

If you are anything like me you love parties, and love entertaining others. So hand out these yummy cookies and enjoy!

In Summary  

There you have it. 

Seven easy & fun steps on how to make Laser Tag Cookies. 

You can download the printable PDF on how to make these fun & easy laser tag cookies, click here. 

If you make some of your own laser tag biscuits, please share!  

We'd love to see your photos! Please tag them with the hashtag 

#lasertaginabox or #lasertagcookies #lasertaginabox

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