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Party Hack: Cake Toppers

Posted on April 7, 2022

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#7 Steps: How To Make Fun & Easy Laser Tag Cake Toppers 


There are those times when a massive cake just isn’t an option but you still want something special.

It could be because it’s for the class celebration at school and they request no full-size cakes or you prefer the ease and convenience of cupcakes.

Maybe there are dietary restrictions and cupcakes give you flexibility.

Whatever the reason, cupcake toppers are fantastic and custom cupcake Laser Tag Cake Toppers means you can still theme your cupcakes with the rest of the celebration.

Here is an Awesome Laser Tag Cupcake Topper printable that matches our:

You can print on standard copy paper or go fancy and print on either card stock or photo paper.

cake toppers



These cake toppers are super easy to make yourself with these simple steps.

Step #1: Gather Your Supplies

Or as they say your "materielsmateriels".

Here is what you will need to make these fun & easy Cake Toppers.

cake toppers - STEP 1


Let's get our craft on!

Step #2: Cut Our The Circles 

Just cut out the Circle Toppers.

Cut them carefully to ensure that each circle is the same size.

Step #3: Place The Double-sided Tape

Stick the double-sides sticky tape (or glue dots) on to the back of one of the circle cutouts ·

cake toppers - STEP 2



Step #4: Place The Toothpick

Place the toothpick on the double-sided tape, making sure toothpick is pointing down.

You want it to point out of the bottom of the cake topper

Step #5: Place the Circles

Next, place the second circular shape on top.

Making sure you to line up with the bottom circle.

Step #6: Insert completed Topper

Last step! Simply position the cake topper into the centre of your cupcakes.


cake toppers - STEP 3



Step #7: Yum! 

There's only one more thing to do.

Eat and enjoy these awesome looking cupcakes! 

cake toppers - yum


Summing UP

There you have it. Seven easy steps on how to create these cute Laser Tag Cake Toppers.

You can download the #7 Easy Steps For Laser Tag Cake Toppers Handout, click here. 

They go well with just about any cupcakes.

Have you tried this fun kids' craft activity?

We'd love to see your photos! Please tag them with the hashtag #lasertaginabox or #lasertagcaketoppers

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