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Party Hack: Create A Chocolate Wrapper

Posted on May 15, 2021

Party Hack: How To Create A Chocolate Wrapper

Need a fun "thank you" gift for your kid's birthday party? Try this fun party hack.

Watch our quick video on how to put together this easy-to-do craft at home Chocolate Wrapper. This Chocolate Wrapper is perfect for a custom thank you gift for your next birthday party.


Here's How to Create A Chocolate Wrapper Thank you Gift [Video]

Quick how-to video [ 3 minutes 8 seconds ]

This for the Aldi chocolate wrapper template: free!

Step by Step Instructions to Create Your Choc Wrapper

Customise your chocolate wrappers (or another similarly shaped snack). This craft hack is super simple and is sure to wow the crowd.

You will want to either make your own design (must be 6x4), or print one of our blank designs through Officeworks. The process is easy and inexpensive. 

Officeworks Photo Printing

Blank Design (you'll want to buy a metallic sharpie or a paint pen, both are available at Officeworks)

You will also need chocolate bars (we have used the Aldi 40g bars, which come in a variety of sizes), plus double-sided tape and scissors.

    Remove the top paper layer, leaving the foil.

Line up the top of your chocolate with the centre of your main image. In our example this says "Happy 7th Birthday Gabriel" with an army man design.

Turn it over, so you can see the foil. Fold the image over the chocolate (hint: do the bottom first). This creates a crease line. 

Pinch each fold to make it more defined (best to use your thumbs). Make sure the chocolate is sitting in the create then fold the top over, pulling it as tightly as you can. Pinch this fold as well.

Remove the chocolate. You can fold each crease again, just to make sure they are defined.

This first version should be used a template. This way all the wrapper match each other. It's best to have the photos lined up beside each other, matching the template's fold.

Tape a line of double sided tape on the back of the wrapper. You can choose to have a secondary design. Tape underneath this, on the upper edge.

Place the chocolate into the bottom crease (away from your tape).

Fold the inner section over - make sure this is your "plain" section. In the example, it has a continuous camo pattern and nothing else. 

Then fold the other third over top. Make sure you pull the wrapper tightly over the chocolate. Stick it down using the tape from before.

And you are done!

Serve the chocolates at the party or hand it out as a take home gift.



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