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#3 Ideas For A Kids Picnic Party

Posted on September 16, 2021

#3 Fun Ideas To Take Your Kiddo's Picnic Party To the Next Level

Sometimes the best parties come from the simplest of beginnings. 

A picnic is a timeless classic. 

You can head to your local park or enjoy one of the larger ones. Bring along a picnic blanket and food, and you’re almost done. 

This party is all about getting outdoors and enjoying nature.

Here you can discover three ideas to liven up this simple affair and make it a kids’ birthday party to remember!  

Idea #1: Fun Pillows

Sure the traditional picnic blanket is a must. But why not add some outdoor cushion pillows? They are a great way to add comfort and décor.

Yet they are so simple.

A lot of places stock cheap & cheerful options.

Or if you already have some at home – perfect!

The great idea is to select the cushions to match your party's colour theme.

For example, if you have an army theme thing see if can even get some cushion covers that match. Bunnings have olive-toned cushion covers – perfect for an ‘army’ theme. 

Or if you are going to a FORTNITE video party theme, then see if you can get some Fortnite-themed cushions from Amazon. Or maybe go with a Minecraft theme and check out this fun Minecraft cushions.

Let your imagination run wild.


Idea #2: Laser Tag

Hide-and-seek is a classic picnic party game, but if you want to level it up to something super memorable.

Something that’ll have a “wow” factor – hire some Laser Tag equipment. You can hire a laser tag set, such as a pack of eight (8). This is a great number for a party!

(Laser Tag in a Box has the option of adding more taggers in lots of 4 if you need them.)

Don’t worry.

Laser Tag is super easy. All you need to do is switch the taggers on and hand them to the kids. It’s basically high-tech hide-and-seek. 

What’s more, is the taggers get delivered to your door and you have it for the entire weekend. 


Idea #3: Nibbles

No picnic party is complete without some party food.

In addition to serving the classic picnic sandwiches, you might want to think of a few other options for food.

Because of the outdoor setting, food that tastes good cold is the best way to go!

Muffins, crispy chicken, cheese rolls, and fruits are a great options.

The most popular fruit for picnics has to be watermelon, so if they’re in season be sure to get some for your picnic party!


Summing Up - #3 Fun Ideas To Level Up Your Picnic Party

There you go. Three awesome ideas to take your picnic party to the next level.

As the weather warms up (and social distancing is a must) picnic party are a great choice.

If you throw a fantastic picnic party, please share!  

We'd love to see your photos! Please tag them with the hashtag  #lasertaginabox or #lasertagpicnicparty

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