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Rain Added to the Fun of the Party

Posted on September 11, 2020

A Little Rain added to the Fun of a 10 year old Party

10 year old boys birthday party Marrickville Mum Sandra organised a fun day for a bunch of ten year old boys for her son, Elijah's tenth birthday.

Here's how the birthday party went down:

"Just to let you know we had a great day with the laser tag for Elijah's 10th B'day.  We didn't let a little rain spoil our day," said Sandra.

"I'd bought red and blue rain ponchos so we could just play on," said Sandra.

Laser Tag is a fun birthday party idea for 10 year old.

Everything you need to play is included in your box. It was the red team versus the blue team.

"Fantastic fun, easy to set up and use and made for a hassle free birthday," said Sandra.

"Here are a few photos of our day," said Sandra.10 yr old brithday party ideas


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