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Ring in the New Year With A Ding/Dong

Posted on December 12, 2020

Ring in the New Year with a "Ding/Dong" Battle Party 

Off with a bang!

Throw a fun laser tag party at Home - Ready for a fun "Ding/Dong Battle" at your place? 


- Play Indoors or Outdoors 

* Play day or night! At night you can see the cool light effects 

 - Play in Your Backyard 

* No need to fight through crowds, enjoy some fun games at home  

- Value! 3 Days for the $ of 1 

* Collect your pack before noon on Dec 31st & return Jan 4th

NYE @ Your Place 

This year it's your turn. Right, so all the relatives have been invited to your place for NYE. 

You've got the food and the decor sorted but what are you going to DO with all those kids for New Year's Eve? We've got it! Laser Tag in your backyard! That's right now you play laser tag at your place.   

So your NYE Party 2021 can go off with a bang. . .

Laser Tag Party At Home For NYE

It is a fun game suitable for the young and the young at heart.   

With our laser tag equipment, you can play either indoors or outdoors, day or night.   

Our laser taggers have cool light effects so if you are playing at night-time the look awesome.   

nd since the laser tag taggers come fully charged you can play as long as you like as the batteries last around 16 hours of game-play. 

But we also include a battery charger in your package in case that's just not enough!  

End the year with a bang (and a bargain)  

To welcome in the New Year, Laser Tag in a Box has a special offer for you. 

Rent for three days for the price of only one. 

That's right. 

Collect your rental package on Friday, December 31st 2020 (before noon). Or if by special request in the afternoon of Thursday, December 30th 2020. And you keep it for the long weekend and just return the gear to us on Monday, January 4th 2021 (before 5 pm).   

Yes, that's 3 days rental for the $ of only 1. In other words, you get the gear for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and return it on Monday and simply pay for one day's hire. 

Don't miss your opportunity to ring in the new year with a ding/dong call us to book on PH 1800 266 587 (or 1800 Book Us).  

THINK:: Laser Tag in the backyard.

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