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Slumber Party Ideas for Boys

Posted on September 8, 2021

Sleepover Parties Ideas (that boys will love!)

Slumber parties can be relaxed or upbeat affairs, but one thing we can all count on is a whole lot of energy. Many parents will host a larger party the afternoon before the slumber part of party, inviting over friends and family. Then, a few friends stick around and stay overnight. 

So the key question is how to keep the boys (or girls!) entertained for all though hours. Well, we have a few ideas (that don’t include video games or TV). 


Indoor (or Outdoor) Camping

Kids love adventure. Inspire their sense of exploration by setting up small ‘teepees’ inside or a proper tent outside. To really add to the theme, hire a camo net to throw over the tents and voila! You have transformed a standard teepee or tent into a ‘fort’ the boys can sleep within. How cool is that?


Laser Tag in the Backyard 

This is a game that works day or night! Laser Tag will be the highlight of this adventures boys’ slumber party – guaranteed. With Laser Tag in a Box, the taggers are delivered to your door. And you have them for the entire weekend. That means the fun doesn’t have to stop as the sun goes down.  

The taggers themselves have cool light and sound effects, but you can also add to the adventure theme with go-pro-mounted torches or glow-in-the-dark supplies. 

The volume on the taggers can be turned down as well, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours. (Or you can set the game up in your garage.)

What’s even better is – unlike nerf – there’s no mess!  Make it even more of an adventure by setting up a treasure hunt or play ‘capture the flag’ with the e-capture-the-flag mission that comes standard with the Royale Taggers.   



Dance Contest

A great way to wind down after a long afternoon of playing laser tag is to turn on the music and let the kids dance! Let them choose if they want to do a competition, create a routine, or just have some fun grooving the music. 



One thing about sleepovers and slumber parties, is that every kid has a different expectation of a night-time routine. It can be difficult to plan a dinner and to get everyone to sit down at once. A lot of parents order pizza or another takeout option, but dietary requirements can make the difficult. 

Instead, consider setting up a ‘on-the-go’ table with finger food. Snacks are important but try to buy or bake filling items that can be eaten in individual servings. Mini pies and spring rolls are great options. 

If you are going for an ‘adventure’ theme, you might even want to make a little lunch box for each of the party guests - with the theme of a ‘ration pack’! 


Indoor Ninja Course

Using streamers or toilet paper, you can create ‘laser beams’ along one of your hallways. All you need is some sticky tape. Then the kids need to navigate through the course without ripping any of the streamers (you can also say without ‘touching’ the streamers, but ripping is a lot easier to referee). 



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