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The Greatest Parents Ever Award

Posted on June 12, 2021

We currently stand as the GREATEST PARENTS EVER

My name is Krissy, I am from a rural area past Warwick Qld and I booked a Red Cobra party for my son's 10th Birthday (because what else was I going to do with 10 boys at this age). 

At first, when looking, I was hesitant with the costs but decided to go for it after speaking with Laser Tag.  And when I looked at it we had the lasers for the weekend and if you broke that down the expense wasn't too bad.
game box red teamFrom my very first phone call which was with you, I had got this feeling that this company seems so happy, and making what they do and sell also be fun, happy and adventurous. 

Your professionalism, attitude and helpfulness is what really helped in making the decision to book the party.  And from there, this same courteous and professional manner continued. 

From the first phone call to the pick-up.   We had a great lady (I think it was Milinka - apologies if not correct) helped us when we went to Underwood to pick up the lasers, assisted me with the shipping back and then the young lady, Emily, (who seemed to love her job and loved showing us how to use it and didn't mind at all that we were confused and she had to go over things again) who gave us the demo.

Nicole who helped on the day of the party when we couldn't work out something.  What a credit to have helpful outgoing staff to greet, meet and assist this companies customers. 

So thank you.  

Whatever you are doing in that company keep doing it because it works well and it shows in your staff. 
With regards to the party - WE HAD 5HRS OF FULL ON, NON STOP SHOOTING.

I had to ring the mums and tell them to hold off on picking up the kids.  The only time they stopped was to eat and drink, and then the kids didn't want to go. 

Our son could not stop thinking about how great this party was going to be on Sunday and we had 2 nights where we got out as a family and played night laser tag and him not being able to go to sleep because his party was going to be sooooo COOL. 

Well it was, he had the COOLEST and GREATEST party EVER!!!!! 

That night I said to him "I hope you had a great party we tried to make it a good one for your 10th" he responde:


So thank you he was happy and we currently stand as the GREATEST PARENTS EVER - for the moment - so I will take it as long as it lasts.

So guessing no more pass the parcels for us.
I highly recommend your company to anyone who asks, we told a few friends about it and I can't wait until we have another one. 
Kind Regards

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