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The Laser Tag Year in Review

Posted on December 19, 2020
laser tag review

The Year that Was 2020...

Wow, 2020 was a year like no other! Full of unprecedented challenges but it did have some bright spots. Businesses large and small pivoted as best they could.  Laser Tag in a Box was no different. 

Here's a summary of some of our highlights in 2020. 

Tons of Events & Rentals 

* Locally we booked 1,223 events or hires this year (not bad considering we were closed for much of the year!) 

Keeping in Touch 

* We created a new Facebook group that has grown to 176 members and counting. If you haven't yet, join the conversation. 

* We sent 47,017 emails this year with an average open rate of 21%

* You visited our website 16,311 times 

* You chatted with our team via our online chat 172 times


Laser Tag Blogs Kept On Publishing 

This year we published (or updated) a huge number of blog posts. Four stood out.  The most popular articles were:  


 "A to Z of Fun Holiday Activities" 

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 "5 Tips for a party Post-Pandemic"   

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 "Gel Blasters vs Laser Tag Guns" 

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1. And the winner...

"How To Throw a Fortnite Party" 

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Laser Tag Blogs Kept On Publishing 

This year we published (or updated) a huge number of blog posts. Five stood out.  The most popular articles were:  

Top 5 Laser Tag Blogs of 2020: 

The Laser Tag Team Was Out & About 

* Nicole Lander was invited to be a judge for the prestigious Telstra Business Women's Award (an honour she won in her State's Innovation Category some years back). 


Laser Tag in a Box was Showcased throughout the year: 

 - What's on 4 Kids (March 2020)  

 - Mum Central (July 2020)  

 - Ellas List (August 2020)  

 - Chamber of Commerce (November 2020) 

 - MyCity Logan (December 2020) 

 - Advance Queensland (December 2020) 

Streaming Laser Tag 

Laser Tag on Youtube

The most popular videos on our Laser Tag in a Box Youtube channel were:  

 * Planning A Party? Plan A Laser Tag Party At Home 

* What is Laser Tag? Laser Tag Parties Explained 

* Laser Tag Birthday Partys in your Backyard = Fun 

* Laser Tag: How to Win at Laser Tag (Tagging Tactics)  

* NEWEST VIDEO That's Popular: Laser Tag in a Box: Explainer Video  

Laser Tag on Facebook Videos 

 The most popular videos on our Facebook video channel were:

* Party Hack: Chocolate Wrapper  

* [ SCHOOLS ]  Perfect for a Rewards Day or School Camp 

* Laser Tag in a Box - Quick Demo 

* Capture the Flag Briefing

 * Capture & Hold Briefing 

Laser Tag in 2020 - A Summary

This year, 2020 has been a roller-coaster. It has been a year like no other. But our core values, to help you make happy memories, to create and adventure-filled event for you and yours has not changed. 

And we look forward to helping you entertain your crew again in 2021. 

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