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Turn Your Home Into Your Own Entertainment Centre

Posted on January 10, 2021

Here is How To Turn Your Home Into Your Own Entertainment Centre

Sometimes it is good to keep away from the hustle and bustle of entertainment centres, away from the argy-bargy of shopping centre car-parks, and away from the noise and stress the nightmare of the traffic commute just to getting a party centre.

Instead, bring the party to your place. Fun with the kids no longer means leaving the convenience of your own home!

turn your place into a FECTransform your backyard or local park this weekend – with the summer holidays upon us, this is a terrific opportunity to enjoy the sun and have some fun!

Roll Up and Let the Games Begin!

Remember the fun you had as a kid playing tag? Now with Laser Tag in a Box you can play high-tech tag right in your own backyard.
Gone are the hour-long queues for every theme park ride. Say “sayonara” to ridiculously priced on-site food. And get ready for hours of fun for the entire family: kids, cousins, and parents – everyone’s invited!

Games to Play at Your Place

Some games to play at your place include:

  • The classic and easy to run Team Elimination Match. Red Team battles it out against the Blue Team. Everyone has five ‘health points’ before their phaser is ‘de-activated’ – every time this happens the other team gets one point closer to winning. Run, hide, it high-tech hide-and-seek.
  • Add something extra and battle-for-the-backyard with a Game Box. Place the box in the centre of your field, tag the box & the other team, until the very last second to win this round. At the end of game the box flashes the winning team’s colour and announces “Red Team is Victorious!”

Enjoy An Outdoor Meal Together

After you’ve play several rounds of laser tag then you’ll want to refresh with some cool drinks and healthy snacks. Throwing a picnic in your backyard is a fun way to finish a family fun day. A picnic blanket on the grass or a BBQ on your deck, either way eating outside is a great summer tradition.

Extend The Fun Into The Night

Not enough? As the day cools off and twilight and night-time approaches then there are even more opportunities to extend the fun times. The light effects of the laser tag equipment are brighter in the dark. Get ready for twilight games to add that extra thrill!

Backyard Play

Laser Tag in a Box is the solution to your holiday entertainment.

  • play day or night
  • fun for all 
  • large party or small get-together

Either way playing laser tag in your backyard is a terrific way to transform your place into a fun theme park – without the queues.

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